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Addressing the Domestic Violence Issues with Legal process

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Within rights, a division is generally made between the various areas of law that can be distinguished. We understand that you do not always know exactly which legal form your conflict falls under. That is why we have listed a number of different legal themes for you.


Imagine ever divorcing your partner. In which way do you ensure that you both have enough financial resources to build a life apart from each other? The regulation of alimony maintenance is subject to personal and family law. A visit to makes things perfect.

Labor conflict

Labor conflicts are more common than you think. And we notice that it is difficult for many people to take legal action in the event of a labor dispute. However, as an employer or employee, you are often entitled to do this. Legal matters concerning an employment dispute fall under employment law.

Lower incomes are entitled to legal aid from the government


There are different types of threats. There are physical threats, written threats and terrorist threats. One form of threat is of course easier to prove than the other. Threat falls under criminal law and can result in very severe penalties.

Industrial accident

Occupational accidents are more common than you might think. Every year there are approximately 220,000 reports ranging from a cut to even fatal accidents. Injuries sustained from industrial accidents are seen as personal injury and the most important question that must always be asked is: who is liable for the personal injury suffered?


In matters concerning an inheritance, the question is often which person can ultimately be seen as an heir. Many conflicts can arise around the distribution of an inheritance. That is why it can often be useful to hire a lawyer for this. Legally related matters fall within the scope of personal and family law.

Domestic violence

Domestic is a fairly broad concept. They all know stories about partners who attack each other. But did you know that mental abuse is also punishable? Domestic violence falls under criminal law and a judicial process always starts with making a report.

Debt collection

As an entrepreneur you can be confronted with a customer who does not want to pay. This is of course not only very annoying, it is also punishable. Issues related to collection fall under corporate law.

Fire Resignation

Legal proceedings can be started in the case of both receiving and giving discharge. If, as an employee, you believe that you have been wrongfully dismissed, you can seek legal assistance. It is also possible as an entrepreneur to engage a lawyer if you want to have a contract dissolved. Legal matters arising from a dismissal fall under employment law.


When you get a divorce this is of course very annoying. Nevertheless, a number of legal agreements must be made between you and your partner. Hereby the help of a lawyer can make this as easy as possible. Divorces are subject to personal and family law.