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Apt Legal Services As Per Your Requirement

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Meeting your lawyer for the first time can be a source of anxiety, especially since your legal problem will usually be very personal. In order to avoid the stress and to forget anything that could be useful to start the work of your lawyer as soon as possible, here are some tips to prepare your first consultation. For the proper legal advice you can have the visit to

To be prepared before the consultation

Constitute a file as complete as possible

First, group all documents related to the folder. Copies will be preferred to originals except in certain cases where the original document is mandatory, in which case the lawyer will notify you. Documents useful to the lawyer vary according to the business and legal specialties.

For example:

In company law, to create your business, you must provide the civil status records, the property situation, the business plan as well as the possible grant application.

In family law, for a divorce proceeding, it is necessary to present to his lawyer the extract of the marriage certificate, a copy of your family record book, the birth certificate, the contract of marriage if there is one and a tax return.

If you have any doubt about the documents to be provided, do not hesitate to ask your lawyer for the documents he needs. Once the documents are grouped, arrange them to highlight the most relevant documents.

Establish a detailed chronology of the facts

Then make a list with the detailed chronology of the facts, the names and contact information of the witnesses, opponents and other persons involved in the case. Complete this list with all the additional information you have and all the questions relating to your legal problem.

Fees for the first consultation with a lawyer

The first consultation with a lawyer can be free or paid, depending on the practices of the firm. The majority of the firms charge for the first consultation, so it is advisable to ask for the fees charged when making an appointment. If the client does not have sufficient financial income, or has a modest income, then he will be able to obtain legal aid.

The honorary agreement, an obligation

Since 2015, lawyers have had to sign a fee agreement with their clients. This document serves as a contract, details among other things the conditions of remuneration (package, hourly rate, subscription) in which your lawyer will treat your file. That is, it will accurately describe the cost of the service rendered by your lawyer and how that moment is calculated. Take the time to discuss with your lawyer the contents of the fee agreement. Make sure you understand everything about how the service works and the payment for the service.

Rolled out of the first consultation

Generally, the first consultation with a lawyer takes less than one hour and allows a legal approach to the file. During this consultation you will have to expose your problem quickly and accurately. It is important to be clear and concise so that the lawyer can advise you, draft an act and increase your chances of success at trial. That’s why it is important to prepare the appointment, to make lists and to prepare your documents.