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Consider Hiring A Speeding Ticket Lawyer and Go to Court

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In New York City most speeding tickets will charge drivers under Section 1180 of the NYC Traffic and Vehicle law meaning that they were speeding in a school or work zone. This section also sets the default speed limit of 25 mph when there are no signs that indicate a higher speed limit. 

What drivers say

Drivers who have been issued speeding tickets usually claim one of the following:

  • I was driving over the limit, but for a good reason
  • I wasn’t driving as fast as the ticket says I was
  • I was keeping up with the other traffic
  • Yes, I was speeding, and this time I got caught

Need to hire a lawyer

This is when you should hire a New York speeding ticket lawyer. Their strategy usually doesn’t depend on what the client says. The officer who issued the ticket will usually give the same testament no matter what you say. It is the officer’s opinion you were speeding, no justification, and it does not matter how fast any other driver on the street was going. If you feel you are not guilty or have good reason for speeding, it is extremely important to have an attorney.

All types of penalties

Being ticketed for speeding, when you really weren’t can cause all types of trouble for you. First, there is the money you must pay for the ticket. Next, depending on how many speeding tickets you have had, your insurance can also go up or even be cancelled, and you could also lose your driver’s license. So, if you truly believe you were not speeding, it will save you a lot of hassle with time and money if you win your dispute.

Be careful if you choose to go to court

In many cases, it is possible for an individual to have some justification or defense for speeding that could not be explained to the officer or the officer wouldn’t accept it. These are cases where there is a potential defense or justification and it can be explained to the court. You are basically saying that you were speeding, so if the judge does not agree with or believe the justification defense, you could still have to pay for the ticket as well as the attorney. This is not a decision to enter lightly since you could lose.