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Four Important Facts You Must Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Personal injury cases are often associated with complex legal procedures, obscure medical references and loads of paperwork. Sailing through this maze and claiming what you deserve is no easy job. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney in Albuquerque comes to help.

Communication with a personal injury attorney must however be two-way. There will be exchange of facts as well as documents between the attorney and client throughout the process. Read on to find out the important things that you must let your personal injury attorney in Albuquerque know before you take the plunge together.

Fact 1

A detailed description about the accident that has caused the injury

The smallest details about the accident that has caused the injury must be shared with the attorney. For instance, place of accident may help to identify the potential entities liable for injury. The time of accident is also important to consider the filing of lawsuit (time passed after the accident determines validity of the case). Any small detail associated with the accident that has caused the injury may be used by personal injury attorney in Albuquerque to resolve the claim successfully.

Fact 2

The total damages caused, and the money spent on it

The worth of a personal injury case does not just depend on medical bills associated with it. The client can share other documents like receipts of vehicle repair, pay slips with salary deductions (due to absence from work) and so on with the attorney. The personal injury law firm in Albuquerque will consolidate all details together to determine complete worth of the case.

Fact 3

Details about defendants

The number of defendants in a personal injury case may be one or more people. Employment details of that person must be shared with the attorney. For instance, if a car driver has caused the accident and is potentially at fault, his employer can be held responsible for liability of the injury caused. However, the driver must have been on that job during the time of accident. In case of a driver using his personal vehicle, this may not be applicable.

Fact 4

Has the client been contacted by the other party post the accident?

Has any party involved in the accident contacted the client? Has any information been shared via phone or texts? Has there been a negotiation earlier? Answers to these questions can help work out a deal or may also turn into evidence during court trial. Documents pertaining to any type of communication with these parties must be shared with the attorney.

Apart from these four main facts, other personal details like support received from an estranged partner post-accident or a mental condition (like depression) that has resulted from the accident must also be shared with the personal injury attorney.