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How an Independent Medical Examination may affect your Compensation Case?

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 Have you filed an on job injury legislation against your employer or insurance company for getting a deserved compensation? You may be asked to go through an Independent Medical Examination (IME). It happens in such cases, where there is a dispute regarding your medical condition between you and your employer or an insurance company. In most of the cases, insurance company chooses a neutral physician or a team of physicians who correctly diagnose your health without any partiality. The outcome of this medical exam can drastically influence your compensation case and the receiving the benefits. So before processing to go through this medical examination, it is significant to know about IME completely.

What Happens During An IME?

Your medical records and any other documents that are relevant to your injuries sent to the IME doctor before the examination occurs. Moreover a letter from an insurance company may sent the doctor as well, that can ask the doctor to  give detail description of your injury, cutting your course of treatment to date, and you might be asked specific questions about your medical condition. They can ask you a number of questions to make you confuse and to defend against your case. So answer the question carefully. It is a quite complex process that can completely rotate the case success on your employer side, thus it is quite important to take an advice from Workers Comp Lawyers Glendale.

How Can The IME Results Affect The Employees’ Comp Case?

The outcome of the IME may put immense impact on your case, If the IME report does not favor your case, you can lose your case immediately after first hearing after IME report. As, the judges often take IME doctors as “experts” and give adequate weight to their statements and documents. Due to this reason, an IME doctor’s opinion is quite hard to discredit.

But in some circumstance, you may challenge the IME report successfully. If you will able to prove that the IME doctor’s judgment is based on inaccurate information about your medical history, then you can successfully dispute on the IME report.

How Can I Challenge the IME Results?

You can challenge the IME results if the IME report is being used against you to bound or cut off your compensation benefits. You must consult a Workers Comp Lawyers Glendale to protect your interests by filing objections, scheduling evidence to inquiry the doctor, or to requesting for another examination.