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As you all know that, getting the payment for what you have done is not that simple these days. Yes, no one is paying right and to the point to the workers. There are contractors that did not get their pay from the landlords or building owners. If you are experiencing this situation, then you can file the complaint against the property owner all the way through the lien law. The lein law is actually designed to comfort the contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, construction workers and more to get their payment on the right time. If the payment is not issued to you on time, then you can lodge the complaint against the owner of the project.

The Myths of the Lien Law

Ahead filing complaint against the property owner through the florida lien law, you should know something about the law in detail. Only then, you can do what is advised and directed by the lein law. The following points will let you know some crucial points about the lein law.

  • In some states, the complaint against the property owner has to be lodged at the end of the construction project. That is, the deadline for the lein law should be counted from the last date of the project. In Florida, you must file the complaint within 90 days from your last payment received.

  • The judgment to the lein law will be attached to the property owner from five to ten years depending on the payers and their condition.

  • For lodging a complaint against the property owner, you should first prepare the written contract to the owner. Next, the contractor has to serve the notice to the property owner as soon as possible. The copy of the notice can be issued either through mail or in person or express delivery. The signature is required on the copy of the notice form.

  • According to the contents in the notice, the action will be taken by the respective constitutional body. The contractor will get his payment either sooner or later as some owners will accept to give the payment sooner and some will delay the payment.