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Mechanics Lien

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As part of the payment process for the work you have done or made, you will have to issue a lien waiver and mechanics lien release papers or document. By this kind of document you have proof that you’ll be paid after delivering the product or you have been paid before delivering the product or vice-versa. There several type of agreement or contract for different types of lien, and it is necessary to know about the difference so that you get the right type of contract.

Mechanic’s liens file process by the contractor:

  • Terms & Conditions:

Contractor or entrepreneur must write the term and conditions in the contract paper for mechanics and that is the main point to read before signing a mechanic’s lien contract.

  • Due and Owing Amount:

The amount should be assumed in the contract papers, for owning the products as well as the due amount of the product from the contractor.

  • Parties Involved:

The name of parties or evidence involved at the time of contract or transaction, so that you have a proof to show.

  • Date of the agreement:

Most important thing to write on the lien papers i.e. date of the agreement, because this thing will help you to get your exact amount of money at the time of delivering the product.

  • Location of the property:

Must write about the location of the property where you work and where you deliver the product.

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  • Time Period:

For a contractor to file a lien, you must do within six months of the time that work was completed and delivered to the client’s place.

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