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The Need for Access to Legal Services

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The concept of access to legal services is as old as human law and history. Anywhere humans have lived laws have bound them. What this means for us is that every human has always had access to the justice that the rules of his society offer. That legal specialists are the ones with the exclusive preserve of legal expertise is knowledge we can quickly gloss over, as it is too familiar. Again, with legal assistance comes the concept of legal aid, the idea that is concerned with the provision of support and assistance to people that cannot under normal circumstances afford the appropriate legal representation and access to the court system. Legal aid is at the very center of aiding the reign of justice by ensuring the provision of access to justice through the entrenchment of the notions of equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to fair trial, all of which are fundamental principles in every democracy.

Access to Legal Services Suffers a Diminishing Trend

Legal services are forms of services that the world cannot do without. The existence of the International Court of Justice lays credence to this claim. The Court in Hague is a pointer to the fact that all of human society is in need of a civil society built on the observation of the concept of the rule of law. Indeed, every individual reserve the right to quality legal services. And, every citizen desires these services. But this has not always been accessible. They are some reasons for this, chief among them being the reality of human inequality, and the tilting of justice towards this imbalance, towards a seeming injustice. Access to legal services has also greatly diminished due to the gradual dissipation, and the consequent disappearance of legal aid services, legal aid being, as we have said, primarily concerned with the provision of legal services to clients who would otherwise not be financially able enough to access justice.

The Clement Atlee’s Labor government established legal aid in 1949. It became over time the common Man’s ship to the port of justice. But, it became increasingly expensive to maintain and had to be ejected. But, the eviction of legal aid services from the legal scene has come with the attendant evil that access to legal services generally has dramatically diminished. This has usually been as a result of the clients’ inability to foot the exorbitant charges that conventional law schemes employ. This has created some kind of structural injustice, so that they will be two kinds of justices, one for the rich, and another for the poor.  Hence, access to more money would mean access to more fairness. So, justice is commodified. This is as bad as saying that there is no justice for the poor.

Yet, we understand that with such human needs as justice there should apply no form of class consideration. The absence of legal aid has created some vacuum that must be filled if our society is bent on moving forward. As the rich and the poor live under the same laws, it is only natural that they should have equal access to these same laws.

Family Law Specialists: Bridging the Gap, Defending the Defenseless

The reality of equality before the law comes with the attendant fact of equal access to justice without which the first premise will be useless… But the latter is often denied us. Or, maybe, it eludes us. As we know, equality is not equity; it does not leave room for considerations. It places everyone on an equal footing and allows them to struggle for scarce resources, not minding that some are taller and better equipped for the struggle. There are still traces of aristocracy in every democracy, and equality is almost a myth. For with all the balance that the human race professes lurks a searing inequality. At least, capitalist systems like we have in The UK can attest to the facts about inequality. Yet, these unequal individuals demand equal justice.  

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