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The Process Of LEI Registration Simplified

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LEI or Legal Identity Identifier is one of the most important registrations that a corporate needs to have these days for a lot of reasons. Having a genuine business is a good thing but then there must be some proof of your business being a genuine one and LEI Registration will help you big time in it. Now you may ask as to how your company canget registered with LEI and who will be helping you in the whole process.

How to record your company with LEI Registration?

The process is very straight and simple. Let’s make it pointwise to make things easy and simple.

  • You need to get into the official page of LEI in order to get registered with them as LEI is an organization set up by government and to do this you need to look for LEI Direct portal and create a login id for your organization.
  • Once your login credentials are confirmed you can enter into the portal and just go ahead in filling up the online form that is available on the portal. Make sure you fill it correctly as a background verification is done for each and every application that comes in.
  • Once the form is filled and uploaded along with the other documents that are required you will get an initial confirmation mail where LEI will confirm that your request is being processed and then you have to wait for 48 – 72 hours.
  • There is a certain amount as well that you need to pay which will also reflect on the portal itself during the process of registering. You can pay through the portal itself through online banking facilities.
  • Once everything is confirmed you will get a 20 digit alpha numeric number on your official mail which will be your official LEI code.
  • Make sure that you check the details that come up as everything needs to be perfect and in case if you feel that some details are missing or some details have to be added just resubmit the details and the same will be amended and confirmation sent to you.

Final Words

LEI Registration is very simple. It provided you some knowledge of filling up the online forms.You need to make sure that you are fresh and clear when you sit to fill up the form and recheck and reconfirm the details before you click on the submit button.