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The Top Family Lawyers in Australia

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Family is a formation of people who are related by blood which needs high care to avoid breakages. In case of any issue in the family there emerges the need of a mediator who helps to find out the desired results. There are many family lawyers in Australia who are eminent for their exquisite services to the clients. The need of the family lawyer arises in case of court intervention also. Here, brief descriptions about the leading lawyers in Australia are given below:

Rafton lawyers

The main speciality of the team is that they are qualified trainers who deal the customers with a friendly approach. The down to earth attitude of the lawyers makes the team very popular among the other family law unit attorneys within Australia. The firm has five offices in the Australia which makes their service available to the people from different areas. The full coverage of family law matters is another attraction. Whatever the issues if it is related to family law the highly experienced professionals in the firm can give a solution to the problem. The various areas which the firm handles are divorce and desperation, settlements of the properties, negotiation, mediation, wills and estates and many other services. The clients or interested persons have a chance to talk with or to leave a message to the lawyers. The contact information is given in the official website.

Prime lawyers

The main advantage of the team over the other household counsels around Australia is that they have great expertise in marital abrogation, child issues and settlements of property. The nearness of the offices to the family courts (local) is very convenient to the clients so that they only have a walking distance. The major branches of the firm are located in Australia CBD, Parramatta, Chatswood, Wollongong and Sutherland. The speedy settlement of the cases is also another attraction. All the court process are clearly handled and followed up by the efficient lawyers in the office so that the client can rest with assurance of winning. The kinds of clients who come for advice seeking in the office are of different backgrounds. That is there are business persons and normal clients who have to be treated in different ways. The lawyers in the office are very well trained to handle each category of the clients which makes the team more asked for among the ménage law practitioners in Australia. The clients have a chance to contact the team members using the contact information provided in the official website. The teamalso manage the other law divisions like criminal law, traffic law, debt recovery, wills and estates and so on. Michael Duong, Cassandra Graves, Elizabeth Apokis and Shyamlowery are the senior solicitors practising in the team. The clients also have a chance to know the fees details in the official website if the description of the issues they face is given.


There are many other family lawyers in Australia who are very much famed for their proficient performances.