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Top 3 Auto State Farm insurance Scottsdale Policies

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Auto insurance affords financial security against physical damage and physical harm that may arise resulting from collisions and against any liability that could arise from the accident.

Auto insurance is a common type of insurance; motorists need to have a minimum liability auto insurance policy before they get behind the wheel.  However, for flexibility in costs and coverage purposes, motorists can enjoy varying auto insurance policies from State Farm Insurance Scottsdale.

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Below are the main auto insurance policies from the insurance company.

  • Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is one of the primary variations of auto insurance. It covers your car in the event of an accident. Some of the costs covered include replacement, fixing, and repairing. The coverage option also extends to damages caused by collisions with objects such as trees, guardrails, or buildings. Additionally, car flipping is also covered by the policy.

Most of the states do not require a collision policy, but if you have a loan or lease, your creditor will probably require you to have it.

  • Comprehensive insurance

The comprehensive insurance policy is one of the main coverage available as part of Auto State Farm Insurance Scottsdale.  The policy, also known as “other than collision” or “fire and theft,” protects your vehicle against damages not caused by accidents, falling objects, riots, natural disasters or fire. In most cases, the comprehensive insurance is purchased in combination with the collision policy. Just like the collision policy, it’s an optional policy but necessary. Some of the lenders require that you have the policy.

  • Liability insurance

Liability insurance is a two-part coverage- it includes property damage liability and bodily injury liability. If you cause an accident, the liability policy will pay for the third party’s medical expenses, and personal injuries. Similarly, it will also cater for the damaged property. However, the policy does not cater for you, your passengers, or your vehicle in the event of a car wreck.