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Uber Faces New Class Action Lawsuit over Assault by Drivers

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Uber, the ride-hailing company, is facing a fresh class action lawsuit. The recent class action lawsuit against Uber claims the firm hasn’t given enough public address over the alleged assault and harassment by its drivers.

Two anonymous women, in the new complaint, urges a court to ensure Uber amends some of its practices and screening methods on behalf of riders from the United States who have encountered sorts of harassments including rape, gender-triggered violence, sexual assault. The complaint points that Uber’s drivers are the perpetrators of such acts that violate the riders’ rights.

The women who filed the complaint are also asking the judge to issue an order that ensures the firm employs stricter check on its drivers. The women who claim they got assaulted by Uber drivers emphasizes that such action goes against the law and is fraudulent as it doesn’t fall in place with the idea the firm portrays about the safe transport services it offers.

The legal complaint stresses that thousands of female Uber passengers have encountered and endured illegal conduct by Uber drivers. As such; the claim suggests the ride-hailing company has reduced or perhaps taken the shortcut when it comes to background check and screening of its drivers.

A woman who sued the company earlier this year over an issue of rape saw her effort to get justice mishandled. The recent lawsuit alleges that Uber didn’t take proper care of the problems and the executives of the company accessed her medical details improperly, which led to their doubt over her reports and claims.

A terror suspect in New York who was found to be one of Uber’s drivers has caused the firm to have investigation issues with the FBI. Another driver allegedly conveyed passengers between two shooting incidents.

The recent class action lawsuit claims that Uber represents its activities falsely as it fails to screen its drivers meaningfully, causing them to work in a manner that contradicts the service Uber claims it offers. Then again, this gives room for bad actors to have their way through to vulnerable victims and pose as much as death threats to the well-being and safety of the Plaintiff. The women also accused the ride-hailing firm of falsely interpreting what it hoists – targeting drunken passengers and saving them.

The class action lawsuit is coming just after series of public scandals when it’s trying to redraft its public image. While the firm hopes to go public in the next two to three years, it has to button up, and fix the several legal issues which it has got involved lately.

Uber has committed $5 million to sponsor different organizations that function to prevent and possibly eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault. But then, the big question is; how does Uber do its background checks? While the firm claimed it, background checks go as far as the law permits, but the complaint alleges that Uber only screens its driver back to seven years.

Uber is a firm that employs about two million drivers from across the world. Apparently, a few or more of them will indulge in crimes. However, the frequency and severity have caused the argument over Uber’s screening practice and its efficacy.

Uber urges its passengers to rate the services of its drivers on a scale of five; some people advocate it could cause passengers to make a quick report but it’s not certain if the firm got complaints related to these drivers.

After several questions and legal issues about the culture of the firm, the CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick was urged to step down in June. Dara Khosrowshahi, the former Expedia CEO took over the office in August.