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What Is A Family Lawyer And Who Is In Need Of One?

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Family law is one of the lesser-known ends of the legal system, probably because most of the media and the entertainment industry centers on what they find the most exciting: Criminal Law. Yes, all of those shows involving the investigations and prosecutions of murders and mayhem rest in the purview of criminal lawyers. Toronto is saturated with these stories, but rarely is anything heard regarding family lawyers. So, what is family law and when does someone need a family lawyer?

Family law deals with the legal issues surrounding family relationships. The people who are in need of a family law practice are people who are experiencing a divorce, adopting a child, or in need of arbitration over child custody. Family law even covers issues of emancipation. For those who are unaware, emancipation involves a child seeking to become independent from their parents. Even paternity suits fall under family law.

People who are getting divorced always hear that they should get a good divorce lawyer, but when children are involved, it’s actually a better idea to get a family lawyer. They handle divorce but they can also handle issues where parents are at issue over the question of custody and visitation. This is where it’s most important to have a family lawyer as this is a question over how much say they have in their children’s lives and how often they get to visit them.

Getting a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in family law can result in a custody hearing going the wrong way, it can even result in minimal visitation if things aren’t handled correctly. The truth is, that in most custody battles, the job of the lawyer is to win, and that means that a person attending one needs to have good representation, so it’s important to get a reputable family lawyer.

Family lawyers aren’t just hired over marriage disputes, however. They do have a much happier process to guide people through and that’s the process of adoption. When a single person or a couple has decided that they are ready and willing to bring a child into their lives, the wonderful process of adoption starts. This is not without its legal hurdles, however, and does require legal guidance. Family lawyers are there to step in and help people become parents by completing a successful adoption.

Even when it comes to the question of paternity family lawyers are required to ensure that everything for their clients goes smoothly. Paternity cases are delicate in that they determine whether or not a person is the parent of a child. This is of great consequence to parents who want visitation or custody rights, but it’s also very important for parents who are seeking to obtain child support, as well.

Overall, people may not see much of family law in the newspapers or on television, but it doesn’t just exist; it’s an incredibly important part of resolving family disputes and bringing families together.