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3 Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney

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Most people who find themselves in a DUI violation rut think twice about getting a defense attorney for fear of being charged beyond their capacity to pay. While this is a valid concern, this may not be an ideal perspective of things. We say this because getting arrested for a DUI violation can have drastic and long-term effects on your record. Not only that, you also have to consider the immediate implications of it such as being sent to jail.

A Utah DUI attorney is highly recommended if you want your basic rights protected. Our legal services go way beyond representation. We also make sure to spot potential complications in the manner by which you were arrested, flaws in the standard field sobriety testing, inaccuracies in the breath testing, illegal stop of person or vehicle, questionable police blood tests, and malfunctions in the breathalyzer to mention a few.

  1. We have an in depth knowledge of the system.

A DUI offense can get you in a lot of trouble if it is not handled properly. Depending on the degree of the offense, jail time is also a strong possibility. You would not want this on your plate. Do not assume to know what needs to be done once you are arrested for a DUI violation. It is imperative that you get yourself a reliable attorney who will look into the facts of the case and work it out in court at the same time.

Additional complications may arise if the special circumstances of your arrest are overlooked. As an experienced Utah DUI attorney, Mr. Casey Hoyer can assist you greatly.

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  1. We can make efforts to get your license back.

Getting your driver’s license revoked can be frustrating. Not only is it frustrating, it can also limit your mobility as you will not be able to drive to your destinations. Our role at Hoyer Law Firm is to assist you in any way we can so that you can get your license back and move on with your life. We have a strong network of contacts that can facilitate the reinstatement of your license.

  1. We can help strike the DUI offense off your record.

The implications of getting a DUI conviction can be damaging to your character and integrity. Aside from the potential jail time and fine, you may also be required by the judge to undergo a treatment program if the facts of the case merit it. Additionally, the court may consider the suspension of your license or an ignition interlock on your automobile for a year or so.

We can assist greatly in having this offense stripped off your record. A DUI conviction or violation can also affect your employment and custody of your children if you are undergoing that battle as well.

Endorsing your case to an experienced and reliable DUI defense attorney is your best chance to come out of a DUI violation victorious. Be proactive and do not wait for your present predicament to multiply before considering getting a good legal counsel.