July 18, 2024

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When you are clear that divorce is the next step in your relationship situation, choosing the lawyer is not an easy task. The first option is usually to ask friends, or acquaintances, or friends of friends, who have gone through the same situation. Many times our decision will be based on whether our contact has been victorious or not. However, no two divorces are the same. Let’s be careful!

Another option is to go to Google and discover what the cybernetic Holy Grail offers, full of information that is not always clear or digestible. In this line we have thought it interesting to define the keys to choose among most family lawyers in Sydney. Of all the requirements that must be taken into account, I want to influence three of them, which for me are the fundamental ones:

Have experience: experience is a degree, and in law even more. That an experienced lawyer defends you supposes that you defend a lawyer who has taken many cases of which he will have learned and drawn conclusions. So you can be more decisive in knowing how to deal successfully with situations like yours, which you have previously faced.

Listen to you: hearing and listening are not the same. Listening is always active and a family lawyer should also be active. The problems dealt with by this branch of law are very delicate problems, which require great sensitivity. We can identify a lot in that listening. Family lawyers can’t focus our attention on what we are going to respond to the client, but we must focus all our attention on what he is telling us, in order to understand his case and, therefore, give him the best possible defense.

Make it realistic and ‘do not sell you asses’: a lawyer should never create false expectations to his clients about what can happen. Facing a family conflict is already a painful experience, so having professionals who are able to understand the moment you are going through, and who act in a coherent, transparent realistic way, is essential.