July 12, 2024

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Thinking about franchising your business? Maybe you want to start or a buy a franchise? If so you need a franchise lawyer.

What is a Franchise Lawyer?

There are different types of lawyers in business. One that specializes in legal issues in franchising is a called a franchise lawyer. A franchise lawyer can assist you with everything, whether you are starting to plan franchising right through to any representation you could need in the future if any issues arise.

Why You Need a Franchise Lawyer?

Franchise lawyers are a good place to turn. Lawyers can help you with all the regulations and laws that you need to follow if you open or are already running a franchise. Not only that but franchise lawyers can help you with management of the store and can assist with paperwork and tax. With a lawyer, you will be equipped to handle your franchise, any lawsuits/disputes and paperwork efficiently.

There are many reasons why you need a franchise lawyer and the top three are:

  • A lawyer knows what is important. With a franchise lawyer, you will know all the laws and regulations to follow. If you do not follow obligations and/or restrictions that apply to you and your franchise you could lose it. Don’t take any legal risk and work with your lawyer to make sure everything from the Franchise Disclosure Document to everything with the Federal Trade Commission is correctly dealt with.
  • Help if things go wrong. If the franchise fails, you need representation or if there is an issue with paperwork you will need a lawyer. A franchise lawyer can also help you with any unforeseen circumstances that may result in closure of your business, should that arise.
  • If you are setting up your franchise business a franchise lawyer can help you with this. There can be lots of decisions to make such as business idea, location and business entity. You need to ensure that your business entity is correct as this will affect your legal rights, taxes and more. A lawyer can help get this right!

Qualities of a Good Franchise Lawyer?

When choosing a lawyer, you should choose carefully. After all you need to be able to trust your lawyer to give you accurate advice, to be experienced in business and its laws and to be there if problems occur. With that said you need a lawyer that tells you everything you need to know, is upfront about cost and a lawyer that you feel like you can trust.

There are some key characteristics that you should look for:

  • Communication – Your lawyer should be able to communicate well as you will need a lawyer that can explain everything well. Also, good communication is a must-have if you need representation.
  • Analytical Skills – A lawyer should be a logical thinker. You need someone that knows business inside out to get your franchising business to be the best.
  • Researching Skills – A franchise lawyer needs to be good at researching businesses, laws and more.
  • Determination – Your lawyer should be determined to get the best options for you and determined to make you and your franchise succeed.

A Franchise Lawyer we can assist you with franchise agreements, disclosure documents, Franchising Code of Conduct and more.