September 26, 2023

Everyone will accept that in the scenario of the ever-changing international regulation policies, hiring a customs broker is always better. You also need to have a licensed and certified broker like ClearIt import broker in the US and likewise. Hiring the wrong agent might cause more harm than good and prove detrimental to your business.

These days, besides providing the conventional services, the brokerage agencies also provide some additional facilities. Let us see some of the common services that customs brokers offer.

Interagency Liaising

There are certain goods that, if imported, require government clearance from different agencies. These agencies can be the Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, Fish and Wildlife Service etc. It is a tedious job for an individual to contact multiple agencies on his own and take clearance. But, these agencies have people who communicate with the required agencies and get all the necessary permissions and approvals in time so that your goods do not get delayed unnecessarily.

White Label Customs Brokerage Services

There are agencies that offer white label customs brokerage services to all the logistic service providers and freight forwarders. This helps in creating a new revenue source.

Web-Based Tracking

Once the cargo leaves your premises and until it gets delivered at its final destination, it travels a long journey. You can’t keep a track of where your shipment is at any given point in time. A good and resourceful brokerage agency can keep a track of the shipment through an online portal and keep you informed about the same.

Leveraging Data

The brokerage agencies have enough data using which they can analyze and provide their clients much more than conventional facilities. They can help their clients not only explore new markets using this data but also develop new product lines, which can help them in expanding their business.

Hiring a good customs brokerage agency that has skilled and specialized persons on rolls is always of big help. They have people on board with expertise in dealing with both the standardized requirements and the complicated procedures. If you hire an agency that also provides some additional services, then it’s an added bonus. As a businessman, you can then focus your energy and resources only on your business-related tasks without worrying about customs clearance.