July 18, 2024

Searching for a criminal defence attorney can be one of the most important things you ever do for yourself, or a loved one. When dealing with the law, the right lawyer can make all the difference between resuming life and incarceration. Because one’s freedom hinges on a criminal defence attorney’s knowledge of the law and his ability to navigate various obstacles, you must invest careful thought and take your time in selecting the lawyer to fight your case. Here are four tips to help you find that special attorney who can win the case.

  1. Consulting with the Criminal Defence Attorney

Regardless of the crime’s severity, you should have a consultation with a criminal defence attorney to help you understand the charges against you, and to determine if you actually need representation in court. The consultation is a great way to vet whether or not the lawyer is honest, or an ambulance chaser. In the consultation he should explain the charges against you, go over the different defense options available to you, talk about plea bargain options, and what the next steps would be if you get convicted. If he uses any scare tactics like throwing out statistics regarding criminal trials where the person on trial had help from a public defender or no legal representation at all, you should keep looking.

  1. Find a Specialized Attorney

There are a number of criminal defence attorneys who specialize in a particular area of the practice. For example, some may only work white-collar criminal cases that involve finances, while others may only focus on violent crimes like rape or murder. Once you find a criminal defence attorney who specializes in the type of crime you are charged with, try gauging how much time he is willing to spend in order to learn about your case and defence needs. You should also check with the state Bar Association to see if the lawyer is listed as a true specialist in the area, and holds a current license to practice law.

  1. Find a Lawyer with Exceptional Qualities

You should be able to spot good qualities in a lawyer upon first meeting with him. Communication is going to be the key quality. Criminal defence cases are intense to go through, and when you have an attorney who can communicate with you at a level that makes you feel comfortable and so you can fully understand everything that is happening, your case will run smoothly. You will also want a lawyer who can excel at communicating with juries.

  1. Look for Signs that Raise Caution

When shopping around for criminal defence attorneys, look for any signs of caution that may arise in how they present themselves. For example, if they use a lot of flashy marketing akin to the circus act of car salesmen, be suspicious. You also want to be wary of lawyers who use blanket statements promising success. Any attorney who guarantees a specific result in a criminal case should be passed aside. Even if the lawyer has reviewed the case and all documents involved, no promises should be made. Instead, look for a lawyer who can give a good projected outcome based on facts that can be backed up.

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