February 25, 2024

The Death of a loved one is devastating and traumatic – but it is doubly excruciating if the death occurred under suspicious circumstances and if there’s a feeling that someone is responsible for the death you can contact a wrongful death lawyer in Austin, TX for legal advice and the course of action to take.

Killing an individual intentionally or as a result of negligence is termed ‘Wrongful death.’ Poisoning the drink of an individual with a toxic substance such as cyanide resulting in death is “intentional’. Allowing a drunken man drive himself hence resulting in a crash and subsequently leading to his death is ‘negligence.’

While nobody wishes to ‘kick the bucket’ in such a sad way, such scenarios are part of the human existence. Sadly, no amount of money can replace the void caused by the loss of a family member, but the compensation goes a long way in alleviating grief. The money can assist the victim’s family to plan their lives.

 In some cases, wrongful death might be as a result of medical mismanagement, automobile disasters, criminal activity, occupational hazards, etc. which expose individuals to toxic substances and carelessness.

Since it is impossible for a dead person to file a lawsuit resulting in his death, close relatives or beneficiaries of the deceased in most cases are responsible for submitting the lawsuit also referred to as a ‘wrongful death claim.’ Parents of a dead fetus or neonate also qualify to file a lawsuit if need be. These claims referred to as ‘statutes’ vary from state to state.

 The suspect may or may not be convicted however, the surviving family members who have been affected financially by the loss are usually considered. This might be in the form of loss assistance, inheritance, and debts incurred during medical treatments and funeral.

If you lost a loved one through accident and you feel someone might be responsible for it; then you need to contact a qualified personal lawyer quickly to talk about your constitutional rights and what you can do to seek redress.

Why you should hire a personal lawyer

  • Family members of the deceased should not contact insurance companies on their own – this is to avoid incurring additional costs associated with trials and lawsuits. Instead, they should allow their lawyers handle the drafting and submission of settlement options since they’re able to work out a deal that is better than what you can come up with.
  • Lawyers are also critical in handling the case because they leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their clients get justice. Getting lawyers involved facilitates proper investigations.
  • More so, a significant number of personal lawyers grant free consultations to individuals and families seeking a professional opinion on the merits or demerits of their case. Hence, you can get expert advice without any initial payment.
  • A wrongful death lawyer with experience is needed to lead survivors on the right path and assists them in obtaining financial damages.

However, before contacting a law firm specialized in wrongful death cases, we recommend you do a thorough research both online and offline to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable organization.