May 20, 2024

Every year more than a million people are injured due to slip and fall accidents caused by a wide variety of circumstances from uneven surfaces to hospital or nursing home neglect. The effects vary from minor bruises to severe skull fractures and, in some cases, even death. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident, it is vitally important to consult an attorney with thorough knowledge of what causes these accidents and how to go about making sure that your rights are protected.

A Public Liability claim occurs when a person has been injured, either physically or psychologically, as the result of an accident, including slip and fall accidents. If you or the primary breadwinner in your family died as a result of injuries sustained accidentally in a workplace, a public place, or private dwelling, you can claim compensation. One of the most common causes of compensation claims in personal injury lawsuits is slip and fall acccidents.

Conditions That Lead To Slip and Fall Accidents

Many different conditions may cause slip and fall accidents and during the winter months, with icy paths and sidewalks, these incidents increase exponentially. Below are 5 major causes of slip and fall accidents:

  1.    Uneven and Wet Surfaces

55{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} of all reported slip and fall accidents in the USA occur due to walking on hazardous surfaces, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. The following conditions can turn a walking surface into a hazardous area:

–    Water or other liquid on smooth floors

–    Clutter on floors

–    Torn  or loose carpeting or other flooring materials

–    Recently mopped surfaces or waxed floors

–    Loose floorboards

–    Parking lot and sidewalk potholes

–    Poorly constructed or loose banisters and steps on staircases

  1.    Inappropriate Footwear

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 24{ee2a2ced2e83a70af3b12a5f5f4bc88f1c095ae1846c54ee750c7ec9c020c045} of all slip and fall accidents are caused by improper footwear. Footwear that does not provide proper support, whether at work or during inclement weather conditions, can cause slip and fall accidents in public as well as on the job. For example, work boots without proper traction worn in dangerous areas can cause accidents. Businesses are required by law to display signs warning workers to wear appropriate footwear in hazardous work areas.

  1.    Improper Job Training

Most workers in the construction and manufacturing fields are required to spend long hours walking on narrow and slick surfaces. If employers do not supply workers with appropriate on-the-job training, including how to prevent accidents, the company may be at fault when a slip and fall accident occurs.

  1.    Weather Conditions

During bad weather conditions like rain, snow or ice, outdoor slip and fall injuries increase. Although it is difficult to predict bad weather, municipalities and public property owners have a responsibility to keep outdoor areas safe by shoveling snow from sidewalks, streets, paths, and steps. Failing to do so may cause these parties to become legally liable for slip and fall injuries.

  1.    Nursing Home Neglect

Senior citizens in nursing homes are more likely to have slip and fall accidents than younger people. For this reason, nursing home administrators have to ensure that floor surfaces are non-slip and safe to prevent slip and fall injuries. Older people have an increased risk of falling as their sense of balance deteriorates with age. When nursing home residents are not properly assisted and monitored by nursing home aides, accidents are more likely to happen, causing life threatening injuries like hip fractures. Nursing home neglect is one of the reasons for slip and fall compensation claims.

Although fraud cases in slip and fall accident compensation claims are extremely rare, they do exist and employers, city planners, and lawmakers can often treat these claims with mistrust and suspicion. This is another important reason to consult with an experienced slip and fall compensation claim lawyer who knows what you will be up against and exactly what course of action to take.

If you believe that your slip and fall accident was caused by hazardous work conditions, a defective sidewalk or other public area, nursing home neglect, or any other dangerous factors that led to your accident, immediately make contact with an lawyer who will work with you to build a legitimate and solid case in order to receive the justice you deserve.