July 12, 2024

Car accidents happen all too often, as any personal injury lawyer can attest. Car accidents can happen to anyone; it takes just one negligent driver to cause an accident that result in injury or death. If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll likely want to hire a personal injury lawyer and begin going through the accident claim process in Langley.

In the meantime, here are five ways to avoid being in an accident. Read on to find out more and stay safe while you’re driving!

5 Ways to Avoid Being in Car Accidents

1. Always assume that other drivers may not adhere to traffic laws or normal driving.

It’s unfortunate, but when you’re driving on the road, you absolutely must assume that the other drivers are all wildly incompetent or intoxicated. That way, when strange driving occurs you can be ready to react to it. You’ll never be surprised because you’ll always expect to see it coming. Assuming that everything will be fine and other drivers will always drive perfectly is not a strategy you should adopt if you want to avoid accidents.

Anything could be going on with another driver and their vehicle – their brakes could be malfunctioning, they could be choking on food, having a heart attack, on drugs, or drunk. Any number of things could cause them to swerve into the next lane or run through a red light. Keep an eye out for errant cars, as they occur often and for a number of reasons. It could save your life.

2. Drive when alert.

Driving drowsy has killed more than one unfortunate operator of a motor vehicle, so make sure that you feel awake when you are driving. If you feel dizzy, sleepy, or fuzzy in any way, pull over to a gas station or the side of the road. If you need to take a nap, take an exit and either see if you can check into a hotel or find a large chain store to sleep in your car for a couple minutes to recharge. Even a short snooze can help boost your focus and keep you from getting into an accident.

3. Obey traffic laws whenever possible.

Stop and yield signs, traffic lights, and right of way all matter when it comes to driving! Ignoring them or accidentally breaking the law could result in an accident. In fact, it’s far more likely, so stick to the rules and you’ll be safer and get into less trouble with the law, too.

4. Do not tailgate.

Tailgating is a very easy way to ensure that you smash your car into someone else’s back end. Do yourself a favour and leave the cars in front of you some room while driving. You’ll be glad that you don’t have to go through the accident claim process in Langley if they hit the brakes suddenly.

5. Don’t use your cell phone.

Using your cell phone while operating your motor vehicle is a sure way to get into an accident. Your personal injury lawyer can likely confirm this. Unless you want to go through the accident claim process in Langley, just keep your cell phone on silent or in your pocket or bag while driving for maximum risk management. Those who check their phone, text, or talk on their phone while driving are more likely to be distracted drivers and cause an accident.