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6 Ways to Start Marketing Your Firm Right Now

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Law firms rely heavily on referrals to gain new clients, but conventional and digital marketing strategies can also be effective. Aside from networking with other attorneys, firms can also market their services in the following ways:

1. Connect with Potential Referral Sources on a Consistent Basis

Conventional wisdom tells businesses to continue advertising and promoting your products or services whether business is slow or exceptionally busy. The same rule applies to your firm.

Make it a priority to connect with potential referral sources on a consistent basis, whether it’s every week or every month. Commitment making these connections whether business is slow or your firm has more cases than it can handle.

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2. Actively Post to Your Firm’s Blog

Blogging is an effective and rewarding way to attract leads while establising your firm as a leader in the field. If your firm’s website has a blog (it should), start posting regularly.

When posting content, make sure that you focus on topics and issues your readers want to learn about. If your firm specializes in personal injury, you may want write a post on what steps to take after getting into an accident.

Blog posts can help your firm naturally rank higher in the search results and should be a part of your online marketing strategy. Readers will also be more inclined to share your content with friends and family if you provide valuable information.

3. Get Creative with Lead Discovery

Think outside of the box when looking for lead sources. By law, firms are permitted to send advertisement letters to accident victims. Arrest reports can also provide criminal defense lawyers with a pool of leads. Family law attorneys may also send ad letters to pro se defendants.

While these can be great sources for leads, it’s important to remember that your material must be clearly labeled as an advertisement.

4. Tweet at the Right Times

Social media outlets are a great way to gain referral sources and leads But just like with anything else in business, timing is everything.

According to a report from Buffer, tweets get the most clicks in the early morning hours. Evenings and late night hours are when tweets get the most favorites and retweets.

If you know your audience, you may be able to determine the best time to tweet based on their habits and daily activities.

5. Network, Network, Network

It’s been drilled into your head that networking is essential – and that’s because it is. Make it a point to attend bar association events in your area.

A colleague can’t refer a client to your firm if they don’t know you exist. Bar events provide you with a great opportunity to connect with your peers and secure new referral sources.

Consistent outreach is the key to successful promotion of your firm. But consistency is the key word here. You must be willing to go out and network or mingle even if you don’t feel like doing it.

6. Nurture Your Reputation

Establishing a good reputation and nurturing that reputation is essential to success. Having a reputation as a stand-up person will go a long way in word of mouth advertising. People want to work with good lawyers, and clients want to hire them.