September 23, 2023

In the 21st Century, both genders are at a risk of facing domestic violence from their partners.  Though for the longest time, women used to be the victims, there have been enough cases of men too faced with this dilemma.

California domestic abuse law is alive and governing all the people through its law.  Though different terms are used to refer to domestic violence, each carries a different penalty when presented before a court of law.

When should you seek help?

As early as possible!  Most domestic violence victims wait too long before they can seek help.  It is important to get help as soon as you can to avoid being abused for too long.  Contact a domestic violence attorney in Orange County and they will advise you on the way forward.  

The attorney will be able to start their investigations into the case and come up with a case against the abuser.  It can be difficult to sot our through the different types of abuse whether family or spousal but your details will help the attorney come up with the type of abuse you are facing.  

When most domestic violence cases are presented to the courts, the abuser is released after a few days with a restraining order.  Most of these victims will most likely face abuse again from the same abuser. To end this cycle, the best divorce attorneys in Orange County will help you bring an abusive relationship to a calm end where the abuser will have no right over the victim anymore.

Most victims may feel like they are the reason why they are being abused and do not want the abuser to suffer shame or a court case.  Many are not willing to leave the abusive relationship whatsoever. Allowing such victims to continue in such relationships is in itself dangerous.  

The Domestic violence attorneys in Orange County are in a position to help the victim seek justice without feeling threatened about their life.  If children are involved in this relationship, the court is able to make orders that will safeguard both the victim and the children from the abuser.  

What are the signs of domestic violence?

In common cases, domestic violence is charged as misdemeanor offense but it can escalate to a felony charge when

  • There is a serious bodily injury caused
  • There are prior convictions of other crimes from the same offender
  • There are bodily harm or sexual assault caused to a minor
  • There are prior cases of any kind of domestic violence   

The most important step to take if you live in California is to get in touch with the best divorce attorneys in Orange County if you are facing uncontrollable domestic violence.  Domestic violence charges should be taken seriously as there is life in danger and should be handled with the right attitude by everyone involved including the offender.  There is help for everyone who is going through domestic violence, you just have not looked at the right places!