July 18, 2024

You still have constitutional rights whether you’re serving a prison sentence, awaiting trial, or both. You have the right to an attorney who will fight to defend your legal rights if you or a loved one is experiencing jail neglect or abuse. At Robins Kaplan, we have a lot of expertise addressing instances involving inmate mistreatment. Call us right away to safeguard your legal rights if jail staff or correctional officers have caused you or your loved ones physical or emotional harm.

Real Life Rights Movies frequently depict extreme cruelty and abuse meted out to inmates and present it as acceptable. This isn’t at all the case in actual life. Even while incarcerated, you have many rights known as prisoner’s rights. Please contact the inmate injury attorney straight away if you believe that the officers or prison guards are violating your rights so that we can see how we can assist.

Rights of Prisoners

The rights of prisoners include the right to sue prison staff or the government for mistreatment, the right to communicate, the right to study basic literature, the right to medical attention, the right to sufficient food and drink, the right to clothing and shelter, and the freedom to practice any religion. You must take action to protect these rights if any of them are in danger.

Defending Your Rights

Abuse and neglect in jails can take many different forms, including:

  • Prison discrimination
  • Verbal abuse, which includes taunting and insults that are meant to provoke
  • Sexual misconduct by prison staff
  • Inability to stop other prisoners from abusing them physically or sexually
  • Failing to comprehend a person’s mental state in order to stop a suicide
  • Refusing to grant inmates’ rights, such as those to visitation, food, treatment, and exercise time

A prisoner is frequently punished for criticizing a jail guard. Call an attorney if such has occurred to you so we can cease these acts. In situations like these, there is a possibility that jail staff will attempt to dissuade you from filing a lawsuit against the negligence and cruelty that you or your loved ones are experiencing or have experienced. Stop that from happening. Prevent more abuse and neglect before it gets out of control.

Legal Aid on Time

The expertise of Fuchsberg Civil Rights is at your disposal, and they won’t stop until the perpetrators make up for their actions or neglect by paying you. Protect your loved ones or yourself from the trauma that being neglected and abused in jail brings on another day. For a free case review, get in touch with their attorneys.