July 12, 2024

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Thinking about migrating? One free advice we can give to you is, do not think you can immigrate on your own.

When it comes to understanding immigration policies, you cannot be one hundred percent certain. This is why no matter where you are migrating to, or who you are, you can’t do without the help and pool of information immigration consultants provide.

There are many reasons why you may think the services of consultants on immigration are highly overrated, and we understand your scepticism as well as your concerns. We have put together this article to help you see  why cooperation with an immigration specialist is important.

Who Is an Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is licensed and has their services monitored by the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of the country they choose to operate in. This body is set up by the government to protect clients who decide to use the services and help of these practitioners. Immigration consultants can also be (and often are) lawyers – an immigration lawyer.

Why you Need  the Services of a Regulated Immigration Consultant

1.    You Save Time and Money

How does the immigration consultant help you save time and money? By providing you with the correct information you need in the shortest time possible. The consultant is available to guide you at every stage of the process. This can make the entire process much faster and easier. When choosing an immigration consultant, you should ask questions like, “What do i need? And when do I need it?”

 2.  They Communicate Better with the Government on your Behalf

If you have ever had to contact the visa office on your own, you can attest to the frustration faced by applicants who attempt to call any visa office. Sometimes there is no one willing to speak to you and provide you with the answers to questions about your application.

This can make the process complicated and you also run the risk of having the wrong information or receiving incorrect advice.

Immigration consultants can help you avoid this hassle as they know just who to contact and how to get the answers to questions from verified government officials who you would usually not have access to.

3.       You Get Personal Attention

With  access to the right information, imigration consultants  know exactly what you need. They use this information to tailor your application in a way that is peculiar to only you and avoid the pitfalls you would have likely encountered on your own.

So, no matter what your status is, a professional immigration consultant will help you see how your status will affect your application.  They will help you in the best way they can. If an immigration policy changes, they will work with you in the same way to guarantee your success.

  1. Professional Services

Registered Immigration consultants are subject to an ethical code of conduct which states codes they are to follow in the practice. The Code requires that all members abide by strict rules, including those concerning quality service, competence, professional ethics, and privacy. Also check– Treuhandbüro Zürich

Violation of these codes is considered an act of nonconformity. Additionally, before being appointed, Council members must have proof of good conduct, including the filing of a police clearance record.

5.       They Protect Your Privacy

Matters involving your family, employment status, medical condition, or legal records require privacy.

An immigration lawyer offers a secure environment that will protect your privacy. Your consultant will be protecting your confidentiality. They keep your private details secure in their possession.

6.       A Consultant Will Help Oversee Your Appeal

If you have applied for a visa before and had your application denied, an immigration consultant will help appeal your case.

A consultant is there to review the case. They will oversee the proceedings if they believe the case will see a good appeal. The arguments range from moral and humane concerns to those that deal with your children’s best interests.

7.       A Consultant Provides you With Alternative Pathways

Even after making an excellent submission, only a few are fortunate enough to get the authorities’ invitation to apply (ITA). You need experts to advise and assist you in choosing a suitable route, among the many paths available for the visa process.

 8.       Attention to Details

It is a known fact that your marital status, along with your occupation, and other specific information, significantly affects the visa status. If you fail to correctly communicate them to the authorities concerned on time, you can face refusal of a visa.

Even if your relative or acquaintance has informed you on the basis of some experience that they have in immigration, note that he or she is not an expert. Experts have the knack to find those little holes that could quickly become barriers to the visa process. So, it’s best to get an immigration consultant ‘s assistance.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of getting an immigration consultant are numerous. They stand in for you in front of the immigration office. They’re also the best way to secure a visa in a time-effective and hassle-free manner.