June 19, 2024

But for homes not fitted with cavity wall insulation, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Retro filling is the term used by insulating teams who fill the cavities by injecting the material directly into walls of homes built before 1980 (when building regulation did not demand insulating walls).

The biggest problems were faced by dwellings in the west of England, Wales and western Scotland. Ireland too is particularly prone to brickwork being battered by wind-driven hard rain. The rain soaks the outer brick work and wets the insulating material which absorbs the water and spreads it onto the inner lightweight breezeblock wall.

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Some home dwellers can actually see brown staining on the walls or floors. Often, a bad smell or musty odour keeps lingering in the affected rooms. It can cause you to suffer breathing problems, cold or health issues like asthma. And rather than your heating bills going down, they could soar the other way – up!

Should I Complain or Claim?

If you believe the damp rooms in your home that have a musty smell are a direct result of your recent cavity wall insulation, then complain AND claim. Your first port of call should be to look at online help guides http://www.cavityinsulationhelp.co.uk/ which guide you through the process of complaining. Usually it is possible to get all of your money back that you paid the cavity wall insulation company.

Naturally, there will be some resistance from the installation company and any such lack of interest to compensate you, should result in you contacting a solicitor and asking for a cavity wall insulation claims handler. It is possible you may want to claim back more than the money you forked out initially on the installation. What if you had to redecorate an entire room because of dampness and poorly installed cavities?

Moreover, your home may have been totally unsuitable for CVI and you should have been informed of this before any salesperson tried to upsell something you neither wanted, nor needed (think PPI here again).

Some people may have suffered from health problems because of the damp caused by poorly installed insulation. Did treating these conditions cost you any money? Your solicitor will ask you about any peripheral expenses treating your condition to be revealed. It is possible to claim money back here too.