December 2, 2023

Professional Advice: I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver. Can I Sue Them?

If you were hit by a drunk driver, you may be wondering if you will be able to file a lawsuit. Fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. If a driver was drunk or under the influence of mind-altering drugs at the time of the crash, their actions were both criminal and negligent. As a result, you have a very high chance of filing a successful lawsuit. Here’s what you need to know about these cases:

  1. Conviction of the drunk driver will make a successful outcome probable

If the driver has been convicted of having a blood alcohol content over the legal limit or was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, the court will nearly always rule in the plaintiff’s favor. This is especially true if the plaintiff (you) has the representation of a lawyer with experience in these cases. You can learn more about the representation that we offer our clients on our website.

  1. Quality legal representation will be crucial

As with any lawsuit, it will be essential to make sure that you get quality legal representation. Not only will a skilled lawyer be able to improve your chances of winning in court, but they’ll be able to help you to gather evidence and organize your case. Furthermore, they’ll be able to give you advice on how much compensation you can collect.

  1. Winning the case does not always mean receiving full compensation

If you win a case against a drunk driver, the court will order the defendant to make payments. Their wages can be partly garnished, and savings accounts can be garnished as well. However, what if the defendant does not have the funds to make payments on the case? If that occurs, you may have difficulty securing the compensation that you’re entitled to.

If the driver was insured, the car insurance company will typically offer a certain amount of compensation. However, they will not necessarily fully pay for the lawsuit. In fact, they usually won’t. If you hire a skilled lawyer, such as, you’ll have a better chance of successfully collecting full compensation.