July 18, 2024

Regardless of how organized or knowledgeable you are about law, it is not advisable to make a personal injury claim without the help of a trained lawyer. It is unfortunate that some people decide to pursue personal injury claims without the help of an experienced lawyer just because they have some basic knowledge about the claims process. Well, being handy and organized is a good thing, but when it comes to pursuing a personal injury case and getting the highest settlement or the most favorable judgment, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the drawbacks and mistakes you can make by settling a personal injury claim without a lawyer.

Settling Too Soon

If you have been injured in an accident at universal studios, you are likely under deep pain and face serious problems such as medical care or family responsibilities. Being under such pressures, coupled with the trauma from the fatal experience, you may not be in a good state of mind to make wise decisions. Obviously, you want the personal injury claim to be settled as soon as possible. It is very easy to make costly mistakes if you are approached by an insurance company offer soon after an accident. For example, you might settle for less, too soon, only to discover much later that your injury was actually a herniated disk that requires a complex surgical procedure such as a discectomy. You may have to live with the consequences just because you decided to settle too soon or chose not to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Settling for less

If you get injured in an accident because of another party’s fault, the other party’s insurance company will be so quick to contact you. They will intimidate you to immediately make a statement, which may either undermine your credibility to collect money or lower the value of your claim. Sometimes, they can offer you a little money to settle the claim before it even begins. For instance, they may offer you a settlement of $10,000 when an experienced lawyer could have settled for $50,000 on the same case. Therefore, instead of thinking about the attorney’s fees, which is charged on a contingency basis, think about getting the most out of the settlement.

In addition, the lawyer might also find another insurance coverage that might not be obvious. An experienced California injury accident lawyer will help to ascertain whether there is available insurance from other sources such med pay, underinsured motorist protection, and employer policies or other available assets that can be used to settle your claim.

Lack of negotiation skills

Negotiating a personal injury claim with lawyers from the insurance company is not a casual conversation that can be handled by just anyone with good communication skills. An experienced personal injury lawyer who has handled several personal injury cases in his or her practice is confident enough to pursue the negotiation process confidently and aggressively. And, an experienced insurance adjuster who knows how to protect the client’s interests will try to undermine your claim by raising certain nuances and legal defenses such as mitigation of damages or assumption of risk. In fact, if you hire an experienced California injury accident lawyer to file your personal injury claim, the insurance adjuster will take your case seriously. Without the right experience, you may not be able to tell whether the insurance company is bluffing you in the entire process.

If you or your loved one was recently involved in an accident at universal studios and sustained injuries, you need to hire an experienced California injury accident lawyer. Avoid settling too quickly or negotiating the settlement with the insurance company without the help of a lawyer. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group today and we will evaluate your personal injury claim for free.