July 18, 2024

Car Accident Lawyers in San Antonio | San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

Every time you go out for a drive, there is a chance that you will encounter a car accident. Car accidents occur daily, so you’ll be able to spot multiple types of car crashes.

There are different impacts, drivers, and vehicles involved in each crash that insurance companies, police reports, and personal injury claims use to explain the accident. Some car accidents can cause major disputes and lead to court cases, where car accident lawyer salem or are needed.

Types of Car Accidents

Car crashes happen in different ways. Simply backing into a light pole is considered a car crash. These accidents are classified by the types of collisions that occurred during the accident. These collisions are:

  • Head-on collisions
    A head-on collision occurs when two cars run into each other head first or when the front of a stationary vehicle is hit by a moving vehicle. It is one of the deadliest types of collisions, causing injuries that may be fatal.
  • Rear-end collisions
    It is called a rear-end collision when a car hits another car in front of it. This type of crash is not as fatal as a head-on collision as it usually occurs at a slower speed.
  • Sideswipe collisions
    When two vehicles come too close to each other and their sides make contact with each other, that is called a sideswipe crash. It is one of the most common accidents that happen almost anywhere, as it usually occurs in heavy traffic.
  • Side impact collisions
    Not to be confused with sideswipe collisions, a side impact collision occurs when the front of a car hits the side of another vehicle. Often called a “T-Bone” crash, it can also happen to a single car when it hits a tree, a light pole, or any object that is near a T intersection.
  • Single-vehicle collisions
    A crash is a single-vehicle collision when there is only one car involved in the accident. A common example would be a car colliding with a stationary object like a wall or a fire hydrant.
  • Rollovers
    A rollover crash means a car flipped on its side or roof after a collision or a high-speed turn. This is frequent among taller vehicles like SUVs or trucks because of their higher center of mass, but any car can still roll over after a crash.

Causes of Car Accidents

There is a multitude of causes for different car crashes. A broken part in your car can even cause an accident. Here is a list of the usual causes of a car accident:

  • Driving while distracted
    Drivers who have their attention elsewhere rather than on the road are more susceptible to an accident. These distractions include: using a cellular phone, eating or drinking, putting on makeup, reading a map or GPS, watching videos, or tuning radios.
  • Driving while sleepy
    Sleepy drivers are at high risk of a car crash. As the body and mind require sleep to function properly and keep alert, driving in a drowsy state will only put the driver and others in danger.
  • Driving while intoxicated with drugs
    A driver under the influence of drugs will have a hard time using their motor skills and have a slower reaction time. Driving while drugged is considered negligence on the driver’s end.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
    Similar to driving while intoxicated with drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol also impairs a driver’s motor skills. They’ll have a slow reaction time to any sudden changes on the road, which can be fatal.
  • Driving recklessly
    A reckless driver is someone who is willfully negligent of their actions and has complete disregard for another driver’s or pedestrian’s safety. Examples of reckless driving are running a red light, weaving, not giving way or yielding, tailgating, speeding, or racing on public roads.

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