July 12, 2024

Uber and other ride-sharing programs have acquired popularity in the recent years. They give private car owners an opportunity to make easy money. They also provide the public with a cheaper transportation service option.

Uber was founded in the year 2009. According to statistics, this company operates in more than five hundred cities worldwide. This company has more than 160,000 drivers and about forty million riders every month.

Uber and Driving Safety

Most Uber drivers have an impeccable driving record. In fact, Uber’s spokesperson has stated that their drivers undergone a thorough background check before they have their application approved. One cannot qualify to be a driver if he shows patterns of unsafe driving behavior. However, these do not mean that they can’t get involved in car accidents.

In the case of an accident, you need to know what to do. First, seek help from professionals like Newport News car accident attorney. Then, do the following:

1)      Check for injuries

If you get involved in an accident as a rider of Uber, start by evaluating the severity of your injuries. For instance, if you are bleeding, find ways to stop the bleeding. Next, look at the Uber driver and other passengers. If they have injuries, evaluate how grave they are.

If any of the passengers or the Uber driver has neck, back injury or unconscious, do not move them until a qualified medical professional arrives. You can move them only if there is imminent hazard present in the scene.

2)      Call emergency services

If you realize you and the other passengers have injuries, call 911. You should always do this even if you feel that the injuries are not that severe. This will be really helpful to all concerned individuals.

3)      Contacting police

You should also get in touch with the local police department near you. They will definitely come to the place where the accident has occurred. Compile all necessary information and assist the authorities in making their police report or Traffic Collision Report (TCR). It is important to note down the badge numbers and the names of the police officers who reached the place of the accident.

4)      Seek Medical attention

It is important to seek medical care after the accident. If you can’t get to the nearest medical facility alone, you can request an ambulance service. The earlier you get the treatment, the better.

Uber Accident Compensation

Uber drivers are not employees, but independent contractors. These drivers should, therefore, have their own auto insurance. However, Uber manages an insurance policy for the drivers so as to supplement their personal protection coverage.


If you do not feel like taking public transportation or driving your personal vehicle, you can simply take Uber. Being a rider of an Uber does not make you safe from accidents, however. Know what to do in the case of emergencies.