April 15, 2024

Personal Injury Attorneys come to your rescue in case of wrongful harm caused to you by a negligent party. If you have been severely injured in an accident that could be well avoided if the other party took adequate security measures or had been more careful, you can charge a personal injury lawsuit against him. If during the legal proceedings, the party is held responsible for the accident, he is liable to pay a significant amount of money as compensation to settle the case. Mitchell & Crunk Personal Injury Attorneys in Georgia has an in-house team of legal experts fighting similar cases and winning them on their client’s behalf for several years.

If you have faced an accident and think that there could be a personal injury claim, don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with the legal experts. The lawyers might help you in cases like slip and fall cases, pet attacks, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, defective product cases, wrongful deaths etc. In all such cases, you need to provide adequate proof and witnesses that can help the lawyer to establish the case. The medical reports and prescriptions should clearly mention the level of the injury and the cause behind that.

To know the exact amount of compensation you need to discuss with the Mitchell & Crunk Personal Injury Attorneys as they will be the best person to analyze your case and predict the actual amount. So, no matter how petty or serious your injuries are, you must ask for a claim. If the person or organization is found to be fully responsible for the accident, you have the right to claim the full amount of financial or non-financial losses borne by you. The losses might include:

  • Medical expenses: The party is liable to pay full medical expenses incurred in the past and that are coming in the future. This includes the hospitalization charges, the doctor’s fees, the medicine costs, the diagnostic charges etc.
  • Mental trauma: Sometimes, the victim might be in a traumatic state for an extended period of time as a consequence of the accident. The party will bear the necessary expenses to help the victim recover from the current situation.
  • Loss of job: If the victim has lost his job following the accident, the party is responsible to pay him an amount that will help the victim to run his livelihood.
  • Physical deformity: If the victim has faced a permanent disability due to the accident, then the party will take all the responsibility to compensate for the loss.
  • Property damage: In case of property damage along with the injury, the personal injuries lawyer can help you make a claim for the same.

So, don’t shy away from what you deserve and book a free consultation with the legal experts today. The experienced and competent attorneys are there to present your case and win it on your behalf. They charge on contingency fee basis, so you need not pay them anything until the compensation has been recovered.