July 18, 2024

Know The Most Common Construction Site Accidents and Injuries


It is no secret that injuries can happen on the job, especially in areas such as construction. Each year in the United States, about 137,000 construction workers suffer serious injuries at work and more than 800 die from those injuries and needs a workers compensation lawyer henderson nv. In light of these statistics, many personal injury compensation claims come from construction site accidents and needs workers compensation attorney green bay wi. There are many types of accidents that can happen at a construction site, and some are more common than others and you need to contact a work site accident attorney gary in.

Fires, Explosions, and Electrocutions

Construction workers should always be cognizant of warning labels and safety standards when dealing with flammable gases, compressed air, and power lines. When working with  flammable gases or compressed air, there is an increased risk of explosions aor fire accidents. 

Although electrocution deaths have declined in the last 15 years, in 2018, there was a rise in fatalities. Identifying the location of overhead power lines can significantly decrease the risk of electrocution when operating equipment.  

Slips and Falls

Construction sites can be littered with tools, equipment, and debris that can get in the way and cause an accident. During the winter or rainy months, workers are also at risk of slipping or losing their footing. This is especially prevalent among staff who work on roads in all kinds of weather.

Falls are also a common accident on construction sites and can occur in several ways.  For example, a roofer may fall from a roof, off of a ledge, through an opening, or fall from scaffolding. Construction projects often involve more than one-storied buildings which increase the chances of falls and injuries. Safety protocols and equipment are essential for workers who work in elevated areas or on multi-storied buildings. Since construction sites can be hazardous, employers need to provide proper safety equipment as well as training for workers to minimize risks of falls. Workers should always utilize protective equipment, such as gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, and appropriate footwear to decrease the risk of injury. 

Vehicle Accidents

According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), about 39 percent of the construction fatalities in 2018 happened due to being struck by a vehicle such as a truck, crane, or trailer. Workers are encouraged to wear reflective vests and other high-visibility clothing while on-site to increase visibility which can decrease the chance of being hit.

Collapsing Trenches

While digging foundations, building roads, or laying pipelines, trenches are often needed. Trenches that collapse under the weight of dirt or vehicles pose a serious hazard.  According to OSHA, workers should never approach an unprotected trench or go into an area trenched deeper than 5 feet unless it has some protective system such as fencing.

What Happens After a Construction Accident?

“In Arizona, when an accident occurs at a construction site, there are workers compensation laws that allow those injured to seek compensation,” says Attorney Doug Zanes from Zanes Law Firm, “If a construction worker has been in an accident, there can be many repercussions such as medical costs, loss of income, worker’s compensation, lawsuits, and other legal fees”. 

Sometimes workers’ compensation and insurance do not offer 100 percent coverage for some individuals hurt on the job, which can pose a financial burden on the employee.  Although workers injured on the job can seek immediate compensation from their employers, they should be cognizant of their legal rights in such cases. If supervisors’ safety protocols have not to be outlined or enforced, injured workers can pursue legal action to cover lost wages and medical bills.