October 5, 2023

Image result for Domestic Violence- Can Law Prevent It or Does Man Need to Change Attitude?

Why would you even need a law to protect one another in the society? Has God made us only because to fight, attack and cause harm to one another? The world is at such a stage where everyone believes in the peaceful coexistence of one another, but how come these incidents of terror and violence come up every single day in courts and reported in the dailies? The descriptions of such incidents are such terrible, that one cannot even imagine of the grotesqueness involved in them.

In order to prevent these, Dan Dekoter, a distinguished attorney believes that laws have to be made and implemented. The definition of domestic violence has been written elaborately and with quite a holistic approach. Be it the mental or physical abuse, or even the least threat to do the same, everything falls under it and each of them has been specifically included in the books of law with detailed descriptions, clauses, and by-laws.

  • Physical abuse has been defined as the act of conduct which can cause any kind of harm to the body, might be a threat to life, or can cause any kind of impairment to the bodily parts, or health as a whole. Apart from these, any kind of assault, criminal intimidation, or criminal force applied on anyone falls under this category.
  • The next to be included is the sexual assault which by far has been recorded maximum under domestic violence. Any kind of abuse or humiliation that has been brought to degrade or violate the dignity of a woman is included in this category. Not necessarily one has to molest to be accused of it; even verbal humiliation that degrades a woman can be considered to be a sexual abuse. Since the security of the women has been given maximum priority, there’s no chance of escaping the eyes of the law.

Apart from these two major forms of domestic abuse, there are two distinctive forms as well which include the verbal abuse and the economic abuse. Child labor in some lands has taken critical forms and in such cases, mostly the children are subject to verbal abuse. Not just that, even in the domestic spheres, like foster homes or even within your own house, there might be instances where the children are abused which leave a deep impact on the emotional growth of these tiny hearts. Dan Dekoter has identified such cases to be under the sections of domestic law and is a punishable offense.

Under the Act, there are some Protection Officers who are appointed by the Government in every district to take care of these social evils and make sure that never the dignity and safety of the citizens are hampered. But the question lies somewhere else. Why would an inspector be needed to take care of the safety of your own citizens? Mankind has always been considered to be a social being, and if such things are distorted, then there might be some social crisis. Make sure you don’t need any external help to make your people feel safe. An ideal society must always look forward to this.