July 19, 2024

As a law-abiding citizen saying no to alcoholic drinks is somewhat tricky, especially now with the holiday season. These non-stop festivities are a sure way to get people into trouble if they are not careful with their drinking.

In any case, you or someone in your family gets accusations of Driving While Impaired. The first thing you must do is to find professional help. The Butler Law Firm will surely provide you the assistance that you or your other family would need to avoid losing that license due to DWI.

So here are several tips to learn and use if you have been charged with DWI:

  1. Get an Expert on DWI Cases

To be involved in a DWI is not something trivial. A DWI case is both complicated, and a specific law, wherein aspiring lawyers need an extensive learning about the subject. If you want to win your license from your prosecutor, prioritize to have a top or at least an experienced lawyer who can handle this sort of case. This is where the Butler Law Firm comes in; they will prevent you from being exploited.

  1. Learn the Basics Of DWI

Nobody wants to be a fool, and the only cure for ignorance is knowledge. Familiarizing yourself with the basics is beneficial not just for you, but also to your friends or family. For instance, you can warn your friend who you think could be prone to this kind of trouble, below are some basics related to DWI

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – Also called as SFSTs; this is an array of exams police use to gauge the alleged person’s present psychological and physical characteristics. It consists of three tests which are Walk and Turn Test, The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test, and the One-Leg Stand. Law enforcers do this to measure the person’s capability to do multiple things simultaneously while checking if you still have focus as well.
  • BAC – Also stands for Blood Alcohol Content; this is a device to gauge the amount of alcohol intake in the alleged person.
  1. Your Driver License Is Valid Not until You Are Convicted

Take note of this: if your license is not yet expired before the arrest, then you are still good. By good, it means you can drive your car any place you wish. However, things will change if or after you are: found guilty or if you did not request a DOL hearing immediately.

  1. No Prosecutor Is Allowed to Compromise with Anyone in a DWI Case

Always remember that in cases like DWI, any public official should prohibit from any negotiation involving the alleged person. If a prosecutor asks you to compromise the case, it could only be either of these two: to plead or go for a trial. These are one of many reasons why an expert in DWI cases is a must-have.

  1. Do Not Back Down

Last but one of the many essentials, defend yourself and do not back down. It is not just your lawyer who must do the job, you too. Ensure to give your best to win your license back.

Many people are more likely to abuse you for being ignorant on such proceeding. Hence, the importance of asking professionals regarding your problem. In the end, having an experienced DWI lawyer can help you win your case.