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Everything You Need To Know About Construction Accidents in NYC

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Did you or someone you know get into an NYC construction accident? Are you looking for a construction accident lawyer? In New York City, construction sites are among the most dangerous places of work in America.

The use of hazardous substances, heavy machinery, and even inexperienced crews are all contributing factors to the rising annual rates of work site injuries in skyscraper-filled NYC construction.

Often, injuries that occur on the job result in claims of lost wages, insurance claims, and medical bills. If you experienced a construction site injury, consult with an accident attorney from NYC to help review your claims. A NYC attorney can help sort through the claims and what eligible compensation you may be entitled to. In fact, whether you are a worker who got an injury or an innocent bystander, you may be entitled to certain compensation. The laws are different in every state, and a NYC attorney would be more familiar with the compensation laws in New York City compared to any lawyer out-of-state.

Immigrant undocumented workers that have gone through a construction site injuries are entitled to receive compensation for accidental injuries that happened on a construction site. Many times, workers with no papers are threatened with deportation. Remember not to let anyone intimidate you about consulting with an accident NYC attorney if you feel you need to.

After The Accident

If you have an accidental injury from an NYC construction site, there are a few things you can do for a chance at getting compensated in a law court. If you have an injury but have not seen a doctor, go to the doctor immediately. Once you got your injuries taken care of, do the following actions to help prepare your legal claims:

  • Take photos of your injuries and the site of the accident as soon as you can. This helps in preserving evidence about what had occurred.
  • Talk to witnesses and discuss the accident with your co-workers. make sure that you get each witness’s name and contact number.
  • Make sure your site foreman and employer know about the accident. Get the incident reported and make sure an official report is done by the foreman or supervisor immediately.
  • Contact an NYC attorney that specializes in work site accidents. Lawyers help in further investigating claims and can assist you in seeking financial compensation in court and plot a strategy. Call an NYC attorney immediately.
  • The next thing you can do is to get in touch with a government agency and file an incident report. One agency is the OSHA which stands for the Occupational Safety And Health Administration.
  • Preserve documents about the injuries and accidents including medical bills, witness statements and incident reports. This is proof that it will help you prove your claims if you ever need to go to court in the future. The moment you hire an attorney, he or she will ask for all of these documents.

Types of Compensation for NYC Construction Accidents

There are many types of accidental construction injuries. In the same way, you can get compensated in different ways if you experienced a construction accident in NYC. The claim type you have mattered since this determines how you should prove your case and whom you can sue.

Benefit Claims of Workers Compensation

New York construction site employees that got injured while at work can file claims under the system of worker’s compensations. In the system of compensation today, benefits are paid by the workers’ compensation insurer of the employer. These benefits include medical costs’ full coverage plus partial compensation for wages lost. NYC attorneys can help you comprehend everything you may be entitled to after the construction accident you had just been through. Regardless of whether your employer was negligent or at fault, every worker is eligible for worker’s compensation.

Accidental Injuries that Happen on Construction Sites

Common construction site injuries involve lengthy recovery times and costly medical bills. Anyone familiar with construction work sites knows that there are so many risks involved when it comes to getting injuries, such as:

  1. nail gun injuries
  2. puncture injuries
  3. muscle strain
  4. soft tissue injury
  5. scaffolding injury
  6. broken bones
  7. burns
  8. hearing and vision injuries
  9. neck injuries
  10. back injuries
  11. amputation of toes, fingers or legs
  12. quadriplegia
  13. paraplegia
  14. head injuries
  15. brain damage

Compensation for Various Construction Accidents:

There are many types of accidental construction injuries. There are also different ways you can be entitled to compensation in NYC as you recover. The claim type you make does matter. The reason is that it determines how you prove your case and whom you can sue.

In NYC, employees injured in construction work sites while performing their duty are eligible to claim compensation. A NYC attorneys, as example from Law office of Yuriy Moshes, can help determine which claim you are eligible for.

Third-Party Accidents

Third parties like other construction suppliers, subcontractors or equipment makers could be responsible for your injury. You might want to consider filing accident claims against a third party.

Violations for Signage and Barriers Regulations

Section 241 of the New York Labor Law requires sites of construction to meet safety requirements that help in alerting workers in construction to hazards on-site. These include barriers being placed around the elevator and protections against tripping, falling, slipping and PPE provisions. Your accident attorney will explain everything to you when you make an appointment.

Disability Claims

Aside from other claims, you can file for social security disability. Many severe accidents for construction sites result in permanent injuries. From the Social Security Administration, this entitles you to get disability coverage. Get in touch with an NYC construction accident attorney to help walk you through the filing procedure for disability.

Bystander Accident Claims

If a loved one or yourself was a victim of an NYC construction accident but was not employed, you may be eligible for bystander accident claims. Bystanders, passers-by, and visitors can file personal injury lawsuits against the party at-fault for construction site injuries.

Falling Injury and Scaffolding Injury Claims

Under the unique labor laws of New York construction, special rights for compensation exist for workers who fall from higher places and while they are working on scaffolds. Under Section 240 of the New York Labor Law, construction contractors and employers need to take special precautions when managing and erecting scaffolding. In the event of an injury, employers might be liable under this law separately. Find out about all your legal options if you have been injured on scaffolding in order to get well-compensated.

Someone You Can Trust

No matter what you went through at your construction work site, a lawyer will really be able to help you sort things out. In the skyscraper-filled city of New York with ongoing construction sites and unprecedented accidental injuries, having a law firm you can trust will really come in handy.