July 12, 2024

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Visa is basically the permit for entering into any other country. So, if you want to enter a particular country, you can’t enter without a proper permit. Though, there are several different kinds of visa to enter in a particular area, but today, we are talking about the O1 visa. I know, there would be several questions in your mind about this visa and you will clear all your doubts after this article.

Visa is the visa which is only for the people with extraordinary skills. The ones who don’s have the one, they can never imagine entering in a country with this visa.

This visa first came into action in 1990. The people can do the job on the basis of this visa and they can apply for the green card while doing the job in the same country. Actually, it depends on the petitioner whether they want to get the green card or not.

Who are eligible for O1 visa?

You can have extraordinary ability in any field. It can be entertainment, art, athletics, education, medicine, science and any other category. People having extraordinary skills in this field can easily apply for this visa. Some rewards which can allow you to get this visa.

  • National level educational or scientific award
  • Athletic award or any Olympic award
  • Member of high standard
  • A writer for any big publication
  • National recognition
  • International recognition

Who can sponsor you?

If you want to get this visa, you can go for the U.S based agents. This can be anyone like foreign employer, U.S employer and any other related person. It does not mean that you can get the visa with the help of agent only because the completion of the process is not possible without the help of O 1 visa lawyer.

After this, applicants are worried about the completion of the process. You should keep one thing in your mind that at least 7-8 months are required to complete the process. Sometimes, it can be more and sometimes it can be less than it. So, you should plan your application accordingly.