June 20, 2024

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If you are charged with a drug offense or an attempted theft, you might already be calculating the number of days you would have to spend behind bars. This is true up to certain extent but you can salvage some sort of pride and lessen the punishment if you have the best Georgetown attorney by your side. The best lawyers may pick some innocuous words and use them cleverly to swing the tide towards you or even nullify the charges brought against you.

In case you had taken drugs and while intoxicated, you attempted stealing something from a store. The court found you guilty and there is no way your attorney could save you from serving prison sentences. The difference with good attorneys is that they will still try to bring you a favorable verdict. For example, your original sentence was 3 years behind bars. Now your attorney will ask the court to give you 2 years of a prison sentence and the remaining 1 year to spend in a rehab program to recover from your addiction.

Lawyers might sometimes act as the middleman between the defendant and the prosecutor. A defendant who represents themselves might find the prosecutor unwilling to discuss the plea bargain with them. But a good attorney can mediate the deals between both parties, and reduce your punishment.

Your attorney should always remain objective no matter what the circumstances are. It is quite normal for the defendant to be depressed and shameful. In addition, he might lose his objective nous during all these prosecutions and might do or say something that can hurt the case. The attorney should sometimes provide reality checks to the client so that he might understand exactly what is happening and what might be the future outcome. These little things might prove to be deal breakers while deciding on the prosecutor’s plea bargain.

You might think that if you accept all the charges brought against you then the court might reduce your prison sentences. These mistakes are often done by defendants who represent themselves. A good attorney knows that it is not always the case. Even if your punishment is reduced, you might find it hard to get a job after doing your prison years. So, you will have to know when to plead guilty and when not to. Then again, it is basically your attorney who should take care of such issues.

Finally, a good Georgetown attorney would be able to find pieces of evidence and witnesses who might testify in your favor. Furthermore, they should be able to gather shreds of evidence and statements from witnesses summoned by the prosecutor. If your attorney cannot arrange for a valid rebuttal then there is no point in hiring him in the first place.