July 12, 2024

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Family law is a branch of law that regulates a wide range of domestic relations; anything from marriage, divorce and legal separation to adoption, shared parenting and custody.  To help you navigate avenues that are best for you and your family during potentially tumultuous times, it’s important that you consult with specialist family lawyers.

Family law represents a complex network of human relationships as we move through the various stages in relationships and life.  Family law aims to resolve conflict, provide solutions and offer urgent help, in times of need or strife, in compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and case law precedents.  

Family law is not all about conflict resolutions and financial settlements though.  It can also be the mechanism by which families are protected, children are sheltered and enduring guardianships can ease the burden of caring for a family member who no longer has the capacity to act in their own interests.  

This duality in family law means that it’s vital that your family law solicitors are able to balance the requirements in law with the best interests of the client through clear communication, skilled negotiation/mediation and the ability to balance empathy and compassion with professionalism.

Clear communication.  Legal matters are often immersed in a lot of legal jargon.  It’s important that clients understand the process they’re involved in as well as their responsibilities and obligations.  Your chosen family law solicitor should be able to communicate with you in a way that is clear, plain and understandable.

Negotiation and mediation.  The information you provide to your family lawyer is crucial as it will likely inform the advice you get and the possible options available to you.  Not all legal matters, family or otherwise, involve acrimonious relations in a court room. In many instances, a court appearance would be a last-resort option.  It is, therefore, important to appoint legal representatives who are experienced mediators and negotiators and who are able to explore all avenues of alternative dispute resolution before resorting to formal court proceedings.

Balance empathy with professionalism.  In many instances, family law solicitors are sought out when families are in turmoil.  It’s important that your family lawyer is able to be sensitive and compassionate to a client’s situation whilst delivering a high level of service and practical and accurate advice to ensure that clients are not disadvantaged.

If you’re looking for family law specialists with an empathetic approach to the practice of family law and can offer sound legal advice during difficult times, contact East Coast Family Lawyers and find out how we can achieve the best possible outcome for you.