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Family Mediation- A Brief Overview to The Redressal Process

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Image result for Family MediationFamily mediation is considered or recognized as one of the core pillars of the mediation services, which are served all over the world. The process of family mediation is a dispute solving redressal mechanism whereby the disputed parties comes at a decision to solve the conflict between them with the help of a third person called the mediator. In some cases there is only one mediator solving the dispute and  in some there are two mediator appointed to solve the dispute. 

The free family mediation service provides relief to families in dispute. The pleadings in the family mediation process can be a divorce pleading or child custody after the parents are split. This process of family mediation is very economical and time saving process. The third party called the mediator has a key role in the process of family mediation, he is the person responsible for transparency and adequacy of this process of family mediation so that people have and maintain trust in the process.

This process of family mediation is an independent legal counceling therapy, which helps solve disputes of the parties in conflict. The third party called the mediator discusses the dispute with all the parties, explores all the options available and then comes to a decision. It is an independent legal option available to the disputing parties 

Why is family mediation an important process? 

It gives the pleading parties the opportunity to put their opinions and views on the matter, a right to speak and to put forward all the material facts of the case in front of the mediator 

It is a transparent mechanism to deal with all the dispute cases and it works in the best interest of the client be it a matter of divorce or be it a matter of client custody.

Compared to other redressal mechanism of solving the conflicts between the parties this process of family mediation is economically better and less time consuming and gives fair dealing to the parties to dispute.

The mediator maintains a friendly relation with the disputed parties and gives them emotional support 

Overall, this is an effective process of solving and redressing the disputes of the family. The family mediation process has been diversified in two different fields, which are mediation and co mediation. So if we talk about the first field of the process that is the mediation part in this, there is only one mediator appointed by the disputing parties to solve the conflict. It is advantageous in  the sense it avoid ego clashes among the experts, faster decision making process avoiding delay in the proceedings, there arise no conflict of opinion among the expert and mismanagement in the decision making process is avoided. Now let’s talk about the other process that is co mediation in this process instead of hiring a single mediator, two mediators are hired by the parties to solve the conflict, which gives the advantage of expert opinion, but it carries a disadvantage of biasness.