July 18, 2024

At the point when a contractor takes a shot at a major construction job, completed all the work and not get paid. Many contractors get enlisted to do major construction deal with properties in and around your City. Did you know when you don’t get paid; you can place a lien on a property? On the off chance that you are a small or major construction company, you can put a lien on work site you dealt with to get paid. The name of the claim is called a Mechanic’s Lien or Construction Lien.

Who can file a Lien? Contractors, subcontractors, providers including funnelling, electrical supplies, gardening; anyone who has changed or upgraded the property to raise its value.

Ways to filing a Lien in your city, however, you will have to do your research before presenting your application.

  1. Materials Supplied
  2. Laborers
  3. Date of administration and date materials were provided.
  4. Name of the proprietor of the property
  5. The name of the company who procured you.
  6. Contract amount
  7. Amount paid
  8. Additional Parties required in the venture (Permits)
  9. Needs a Block and Lot number for the property (job site)
  10. Job site Address

The more information you have, the all the more easily you will get this prepared.

What are a piece and part? At the point when the district assistants office gets your application to file a lien, they don’t pass by the address; they pass by the piece and part. Blocks number the whole state, and inside the square, they partitioned into parcels. Each building has its particular box number yet there are times when a townhouse included, each unit inside that apartment suite is a great deal. Expenses do apply for each area agent.

Close to the information, you should have the Mechanic’s Lien notarized, sign my attorney or an agent to speak to your company, and pay additional expenses. You will send the mechanic’s lien to the district assistants office where the property located. On the off chance that the job site based in Brooklyn, you have to send the Mechanic’s Lien to Kings County Clerk’s office.

Here are the five districts:

Manhattan: County Clerk

Rulers: Queens County Clerk

Brooklyn: Kings County Clerk

Bronx: Bronx County Clerk

Staten Island: Richmond County Clerk

Some companies take care of all this for you as an administrator. On the off chance that you have to file a lien yet not know all the information about the property.

Manna and Associates will do the research for you. Incorporates finding the proprietor of the ownership, piece and parcel numbers, different parties. Also, Manna and Associates will speak to your company to the province agent office and handle all the paperwork including recording an affidavit.

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