July 18, 2024

People can experience various kinds of dental issues, making it difficult to decide the ones that require urgent or emergency care. Those who have serious dental issues will need to act immediately if they do not want to lose their teeth forever. If you are not sure how to know which dental problem is serious and which ones can wait, below are some signs you need to see an emergency dentist in Littleton.

You Have Broken Tooth

If you only have a chipped tooth without pain, you don’t need to contact an emergency dentist. In general, a broken permanent tooth will lead to extreme pain. In this case, you need to seek emergency care to get relief from your pain and save the affected tooth. If the entire tooth was broken, you need to put it in a cup of milk until you can get urgent dental care to preserve and reinsert the tooth. 

You Suffer from Persistent Toothaches

When you suffer from severe toothaches that do not seem to go away, you may be suffering from an infection or gum disease. If it is just a minor aching, consider at-home solutions first. However, if the pain becomes more serious, contact an emergency dentist. You may suffering from an abscessed tooth. You will know you have this if there is a bump near the painful tooth. Also, an abscessed tooth can cause fever, mouth or facial swelling, and tooth sensitivity. Any of these symptoms warrants a call to an emergency dentist.  

You Experience Gum Bleeding

Gums may bleed a bit after you floss or when you have gum disease. However, if you tend to experience extreme, and continuous gum bleeding, along with pain and swelling, you must go to a dentist right away. This could indicate periodontal disease. 

Your Mouth or Jaw is Swollen

When your jaw swells, this could be due to some issues. Infection, cancer, and swollen lymph nodes can cause this. Also, a swollen jaw is a symptom of gum disease. Because you won’t know the cause of the swelling, schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist. 

You Taste Mental in Your Mouth

When your mouth tastes like metal, this could indicate a loose crown or filling. You must seek urgent dental care for this because an open filling can invite infection and cavities. If you don’t act right away, you may need to get root canal therapy to fix the issue.