March 4, 2024

Driving without a valid license is illegal, and several penalties come with it. Still, a large number of people drive without a license. Some of them never had this while some have. But the license has either been suspended or hasn’t been renewed. In all of these cases, they don’t have the right to drive a car.

Why do you need to have a lawyer for car accidents?

If you or any of your acquaintances struck by a car driver, don’t forget to note whether he has insurance. For dealing with the complexities of the legal issues, it is always recommended to hire a deserving attorney to help you out. As he is qualified enough about the accident law, he can guide you by obtaining the compensation, which includes medical expenses, lost wages, repairing the cost of your vehicle, and partially or fully.

Road accidents involving an unlicensed driver

Numerous scenarios can be involved with unlicensed drivers. It could be a car that hit your vehicle, whose driver is also the owner of the vehicle, and he doesn’t have a license. In that case, please try to know whether he has insurance, and the insurance is valid even if there is no valid driving license. You should also know if the driver’s license is under suspension due to some other crashes earlier.

Usually, the insurance is based on the car, not on the status of the license, which means you have the right to claim compensation against the policy held by the car owner, even if there are license-related issues. And if you face any trouble in obtaining the compensation, consult with a law firm.

The insurance coverage may be invalidated if some unusual situation arises. For example, if the car met with the accident has been stolen by the driver. Please discuss this with your lawyer to make it happen in your favor. He is the right person to guide you in obtaining the compensation.

Typically, if the car is under insurance coverage, and the premium is paid without fail, the claim process will be treated the same way as the other accident cases.

If the driver does not have any insurance coverage, you may claim compensation against your insurance policy.

Which types of penalties are carried for driving without a proper license?

Penalties for driving without a valid license vary from one state to another. But it is going to be severe in every case. Those drivers who never had a license can be fined up to $500 and up to two months of imprisonment. Moreover, they have to wait for the next six months to get a license.

People who had a license earlier but presently suspended or not renewed will also have to bear the same kind of penalty except the 180 days waiting period to get it back in proper form.

According to the law, drivers are prohibited from lending their cars to someone who has no valid license. If you do so and caught red-handed, you will be fined up to $500 and also imprisonment of 15 days maximum. To avoid the harassment, be careful while lending your car to your friends or relatives henceforth. Check whether that guy has a valid driving license. Otherwise, you have to take the burden despite being utterly innocent for the fault of someone else.

Contact your legal advisor without making any delay in resolving all the claimant related issues smoothly.

Whenever you met a road accident, no matter you hit another vehicle or another one hits you. If your injuries are not that serious, your first and foremost job is to contact your attorney and elaborate the entire fact. Then follow his instructions to get out of all the legal complexities lawfully and peacefully.

As you go out on the road every day with your car, it is not unusual to meet an accident, minor or major. So, you should not take it lightly.


Be in touch with a qualified advocate for seeking any legal help regarding accidents, insurance coverage, and compensation claims whenever you need it. The insurance companies always seek opportunities to deny the claim, and a practiced law professional can only handle this tactfully.