July 12, 2024

If you were recently arrested for DWI in Minnesota there are several steps you should take as soon as possible.  Finding a good Minnesota DWI lawyer is paramount to your case.  You’ll want to look around and interview at least three or four lawyers to find the right fit for you and your situation.  Perhaps you know someone who’s hired a Minnesota DWI lawyer in the past?  You can ask them about their experience and possibly get a referral if they were happy with their choice.

If you don’t know anyone who’s had to hire a DWI lawyer then you’ll want to do some extensive research online.  Type in Minnesota DWI lawyers and you’ll be able to see several lawyers.  Have a read through about what type of service they provide as well as what their clients have to say about them.  Hopefully, four or five will stand out to you and you can set up meetings with them ASAP to make your decision.

When you go into the meetings you’ll best be served by having some questions written down you want to be answered.  This way you won’t forget anything.  Also remember to bring all of your paperwork from the arrest and if possible write down exactly what happened from just before you were pulled over up until you were released from jail.  This helps the lawyer grasp your specific situation as well as brings to light any flaws in how the officers handled the arrest.  This is important because there may be some technicality that allows for a dismissal of your case.  Perhaps there wasn’t probable cause to pull you over.  Or the proper procedure wasn’t followed during your arrest.  That’s why choosing the best of the Minnesota DWI lawyers on your list is extremely important.  

What to look for in a Minnesota DWI Lawyer

There are many things to be considered when choosing DWI lawyers in Minnesota.  First and foremost you should feel comfortable with your lawyer and there should be open communication.  You’ll want them to be reachable when you have questions and concerns.  You want them to be straight with you and give you both the good and the bad points of your given situation.

Another key point if cost.  First, you’ll want to know just how much you are able to spend on a Minnesota DWI lawyer.  Then, you can decide which lawyer fits into your budget.  There is a standard fee most lawyers take, this is for the typical guilty plea without much legwork on the attorney’s end.  However, other lawyers will cost more especially if they are planning to take your case to trial.  

Lastly, you’ll want to ask the lawyer how long they’ve been in the area.  For instance, do they have good relationships with the Prosecutor or District Attorney?  Also, do they get on well with the judge?  These factors can go a long way in helping you when your case is brought to court.