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GM Law Firm LLC is dedicated to helping clients who are struggling with debt gain control of their finances and their lives. Anyone who has faced the constant calls and mail from creditors understands how negatively it can impact your life. Regardless of a person’s debt, the buying and borrowing public has rights not to be harassed by lenders and creditors, and the attorneys of GM law firm specializing in consumer advocacy law and debt defense.

What is Consumer Advocacy Law?

Consumer Advocacy Law is the watchdog of big business. Big business has to be honest with their consumers and disclose information about their services and products in an ethical and transparent way. Consumer advocates expose unfair actions of companies, businesses, and ensure that products on the market are safe for public use and consumption.

Consumer advocacy law holds companies and businesses accountable for unfair practices and unsafe products.

When You Should Work With a Debt Law Firm

Banks, creditors and lenders have one goal in mind: to get as much money out of their borrowers as possible. If you are facing a lot of debt, especially when it is from multiple sources, you are likely going to need to do a lot of negotiating. Unless you are a professional in the industry, you are likely unaware of what some lenders will accept, and what others will not.

Working with GM Law Firm LLC means having a consumer advocacy lawyer who specializes in debt resolution advocating on your behalf. They will do the negotiating for you, and they have one goal in mind: to help you get out of debt while paying as little money as possible. They will empower you with information regarding your rights and financial options and likely be able to help you avoid litigation.

In the event that you are being sued, a debt law firm specializes in debt defense and can help you build the strongest possible case and help with the possibility of getting you on the road to debt forgiveness and a favorable outcome.

Stop Creditor Harassment

If you are facing daily calls from creditors and constant correspondence, to the point where you don’t want to answer your phone or check the mail, this is considered creditor harassment. This type of creditor behavior is not in adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices act, and this is something that a debt attorney can help enforce.

GM Assists with Various Types of Debt

The GM law firm has a wide range of experience working with a number of different types of debt. Whether your debt is largely medical, consumer credit card debt, or student loan related, the GM attorneys can help assess your finances and establish a strategy for moving forward.

The GM debt specialists protect your rights, but they also want to help you reach your positive goals and not end up in the same situation again. They know the debt-resolution options that are available to you such as filing for bankruptcy, consolidation, deferral, and debt forgiveness. They are also aware of any government-assisted programs you might be eligible for and how you need to apply for them

Most people struggle with debt at one time or another in their lives. The GM Law Firm LLC attorneys understand that no matter how carefully you try and plan life, unforeseen circumstances like job layoffs and health problems can set you on a different path. Debt resolution is a complex process that many people are not experienced or knowledgeable about, and having a consumer advocacy and debt defense lawyer advocating for you ensures you are privy to all your financial options and rights as a consumer.