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Holidays Can Lead to Accident Madness

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Americans go big for their holidays. Valentine ’s Day? Stores are bursting with extra big bears, super flowers, and thousands of chocolates to choose from. Fourth of July? Fireworks galore, even in states that don’t allow you to ignite fireworks are willing to ignore the rules to celebrate our day of independence. Even the smaller holidays like labor day or presidents day, you can see the retail shops increase advertisement letting you know that on your day off you should spend it in their store and then go visit your family. Yet, there is nothing like Christmas time.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t miss it. All the Christmas lights cover almost every home, street light, and building. Then there are those who like to go the extra mile and have blown up Santas and snowmen on their lawns. Parks close down and set up millions of lights for people to drive through and enjoy from the comforts of their car. Christmas is everything, which also makes it the most stressful holiday of the year.

Christmas means that not only do you have to mingle with family members you try to avoid, but you also have to get them a gift lest you be called a Grinch. Then on top of seeing family, you don’t want to see, you also have to deal with countless work parties. If you are in school then you have to figure your schedule around final exams, seeing your ex, and getting bombarded with questions from loved ones about where you see your life going after college. The stress is real and can cause some serious physical ailments. This is may be the case for the man who crashed into a person’s house.

Mid-December, sometime in the evening, a man lost control of his Mercedes SUV, jumped a curb, and drove through a Christmas law display before finally crash landing into the house living room. Thankfully no one was fatally hurt. The woman inside the home was hit by debris from the incoming car and knocked to the floor. The driver and the woman were taken to the hospital where they both survived. The holidays are magical times, but they can also be the cause of some crazy situations. Those investigating the crash suggested that the cause may have been the driver reacting to a heart attack.  

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, don’t let the winter blues cloud your judgment. Don’t let the holiday madness prevent you from taking action. Call 818-610-8800 or click here for a free consultation without experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers at JML Law.  Let our Car Accident Attorneys be the calm in your holiday storm. We will not only advocate for your story but also work aggressively to ensure that all your bills are covered while you are recovering. Let us do all the stressful work while you heal to enjoy the holidays.