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How Being A Lawyer Opens New Opportunities.

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Becoming a lawyer is an important undertaking in terms of financial investment and time commitment. Passing law school is an arduous challenge, something that Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson did. The motivation for lawyers is knowing what is good about their jobs and knowing what awaits them.

Being a lawyer has so many rewards, and it is quite fun. Lawyers need to interpret regulations and laws, undertake thorough research, and advise their clients accordingly. This is something that Anthony O Van Johnson has been doing for many decades.

As a lawyer, you can undertake the following responsibilities.

Post-Secondary Law Instructor

Once a lawyer has been in the industry for long, you can decide to become a teacher. Depending on the school as an instructor, lawyers will choose between full-time teaching or researching at the same time. With time they graduate from assistant professors to associate professors. 

The best thing with this profession as the life of Anthony O Van Johnson shows is that you can juggle different roles at the same time. Lawyers have the freedom to practice in a court of law and teach at the same time.

Judge or Magistrate

All judges and magistrates were lawyers before undertaking their new responsibilities. The right experience as a lawyer will open new doors. A magistrate or judge presides over cases at different levels, including local, state, and federal levels.

They listen to arguments by counsel, research the merits of each case, write decisions, and ensure there is a fair representation. However, the position of a judge is a political position, and they are appointed. It is a stumbling block as lawyers need to seek blessings from opinion shapers.

Moreover, before becoming a judge, there is training that one has to undergo. The training is offered by organizations including the National Center for State Courts, Federal Judicial Center, and the American Bar Association. An exam given by the U.S. office of personnel management is mandatory.

Independent Attorney or In-House Counsel

The big corporations reserve the position of in-house counsel to lawyers who have a wealth of experience. The lawyers specialize in issues that have a legal basis that affect the corporation. Seasoned attorneys like Anthony O Van Johnson choose to practice privately. 

They offer independent legal services, and they work from an office, and they have people who provide them with legal assistance.


An adjudicator works for the local, state, and federal agencies. They offer fair judgments in matters that concern government initiatives and programs. To qualify for this position, one must have over seven years of litigation and administrative law and have an active law license.

Unlike a magistrate or judge to be an adjudicator, a lawyer does not need to go through an election. There is no political affiliation required. Interested lawyers will only need to apply through the government website.

Earning Potential

Lawyers are among the people who earn the most money in the world. However, lawyers need to understand that the amount of money will depend on how hard one works. The region and company one works in also plays an important role.


A career in law comes with prestige and high standing in society. Being a lawyer embodies what it is like being a professional like Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson. The image that media perpetuates for lawyers is unique and of high standing. 

Helping Society 

When one becomes a lawyer, they are in a unique position to help the less privileged in society. Lawyers work hand in hand with the civil society to ensure the well being of the population is catered for.