July 18, 2024

Usually, folks avoid consulting an attorney for their legal issues due to umpteen numbers of reasons such as; because they think they are innocent and why they hire a lawyer, some consider that lawyers cannot do anything for them and the biggest factor is the concern of expensive legal charges.

There are diverse range of lawyers in Toronto who are charging different fees, do not get confused, we are here to help you and tell you how much the exact cost of hiring a lawyer in Toronto.

Cost of a Lawyer depends on your case type

As you know every case has its own exceptionality, varying degrees of simplicity or complexity. Most of the lawyer costs their fees after evaluating the case thoroughly. The attorney’s fees vary from legal fees to hourly legal fees

Hourly legal fees

An hourly based fee completely depends on the experience and other essential tenets of economics. Generally, a lawyer may charge ranges $75.00 to $750.00 an hour for a private (non-Legal Aid)

According to Canadian Lawyer, in the years 2017-2018 hourly charges all over the country are as follows:

  • $193 for one-year calls;
  • $256 for five-year calls;
  • $310 for 10-year calls;
  • $364 for 20-year calls;
  • $375 for more than 20 years ago.

For more information, you can search with ” the hourly rate of Ontario Legal Aid rates” on any search engine.

Legal fees

Now, let’s discuss about the fees of a criminal lawyer, in 2017-2018 the Canadian Lawyer magazine stated that national averages legal fees are as follows:

  • (one day) Summary conviction trial : $3598.00
  • (one day) Criminal trial: $4175.00
  • Bail hearing: $960.00

Remember one thing, all the above mentioned are National averages, it varies according to the experience, knowledge and specialty of an attorney. Some experienced lawyers even charge double than average for presenting the criminal case in Toronto Court. Thus, do not get confused with the legal fees because the entire above mentioned are based on a reader survey and not on authentic averages.

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