June 19, 2024

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NLSS a Pioneer in Qualified Legal Outsourcing


Legal outsourcing can benefit law firms of all sizes, from small and midsize firms seeking expert front and back office solutions without the overhead of staffing, to larger law firms looking to supplement in-house staffing at a moment’s notice for temporary or long-term engagements.  National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS) are prepared to provide the expert paralegal, research, and other premium services law firms need to meet client demand, grow, and compete.  NLSS offers a variety of services for your legal outsourcing needs.


Paralegal Services

Every law firm needs paralegals to handle essential pre-litigation tasks pertaining to briefs, interrogatories, pretrial case preparation, correspondence, and more.  Large firms can afford to hire ample in-house staff, but small and midsize firms may not have the resources to support this overhead.


NLSS delivers with superior paralegal professionals prepared to jump in and help out as needed.  This alleviates the burden of hiring full-time help and provides the flexibility to scale up or down depending on case load and client demand.  Larger firms can benefit from NLSS services, as well, in instances where they require immediate assistance and simply don’t have time to hire needed help.


Research Services

Accurate research is essential to preparing for mediation or litigation and obtaining favorable outcomes for clients.  The knowledgeable and experienced researchers provided by NLSS are well-qualified to assist law firms with everything from conducting background checks, to tracing creditors, to collecting business information, to monitoring case law, and more.


Pre-Filing Services

Before legal paperwork is even filed, firms need to have some idea of where they stand should they proceed with legal action.  This means conducting pre-filing analysis, including summary memorandum, case law research, and so on.  Firms that are busy with current cases may not have the time to undertake such research, which is why NLSS is pleased to provide these services.


Integrated Teams

NLSS proudly supports a growing legal process outsourcing (LPO) team comprised of experts from a wide variety of disciplines working together to ensure that you enjoy the legal expertise required for specific types of cases.


Documents Management

The sheer volume of documents involved in legal casework can be overwhelming.  NLSS offers organizational services like document indexing and complete records management that help you to save time and increase efficiency from start to finish.


Pertinent Developments

Laws change and active cases settle, setting new precedents.  You need to be aware of any changes that could affect your firm or current cases.  NLSS is pleased to monitor pertinent developments in order to keep you informed.


With over 150 paralegal service providers, more than 2,500 case management experts, and nearly 600 legal research specialists, NLSS is more than ready to meet your LPO needs.


About National Legal Staffing Support:  National Legal Staffing Support is a leading provider of legal process outsourcing (LPO), offering paralegal services, research services, integrated teams consisting of legal experts in a variety of disciplines, documents management, pre-filing analysis, and updates on changing developments within the legal field.  Law firms seeking the legal and paralegal support, pre-litigation services, and front and back office support needed to grow their businesses or supplement in-house staff will find affordable and qualified outsourcing services with National Legal Staffing Support.  For more information, visit: http://www.nationallegalstaffsupport.com/