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How the Car Accident Attorney Determines a Fair Compensation Amount 

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Chicago Car Accident Attorney | Abels & Annes, P.C.When you consider sending a demand letter to your insurance company, it would be essential to determine what you believe your claim is worth. When you arrive at a figure, you should consider taking into account every expense that you have incurred in your treatment of the injuries because of the accident. The Husain Law + Associates, P.C. Accident Attorneys would help you determine a deserving amount when filing the claim. Therefore, it would be yet another reason for hiring the services of the attorney rather than handling the claim on your own.

If you wonder about the important aspects to consider when filing the claim, read on. The car accident attorney would consider the cost of your medical expenses and care as an important aspect of calculating the compensation amount. It would also be inclusive of the related expenses incurred in treating your injuries or medical condition. The attorney would also consider the amount of income you had lost due to your injuries. If you were unable to work in the future due to the severe injuries or some medical condition developed due to the injury, rest assured a suitable amount would be added in the compensation claim covering the lost wages, both present, and future, by the attorney. 

The compensation amount would also be dependent on the injury being permanent or temporary. If you require long-term medical care, you would need expenses to cover the cost of medical treatment in the future. The pain and suffering you have undergone would also be an integral aspect of your compensation claim. The attorney would calculate a suitable amount compensating for the pain and suffering incurred by you due to the accident. The cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle or the damaged property because the accident would also be added to the compensation claim. 

Based on the gathered information, the attorney would decide on the minimum settlement amount you could accept from the insurance company lawyer.