December 2, 2023

Let’s imagine: while you are sitting at your backyard you receive a call from the police department informing you that your child has been found guilty of a criminal offense here in Toronto. if proven guilty, the charge can disrupt the young man’s life. So, what will be your next step?

Without a doubt, these are one of the most stressful and pressing situations a person will go through in life, and since you are here reading our stuff, we assume that either you have already faced or are currently facing such scenario in life.

Now, it’s only rational that you would like to get in touch with a professional criminal lawyer in Brampton, immediately. However, the problem remains, where to start. While most of the people have had their experienced working with a real estate or corporate lawyers, hiring criminal lawyers is altogether a different game.

Here, part of the problem also lies in your emotional mindset. Since there will be bells ringing all around in your mind, it can somewhat cease your rational thinking power; jeopardizing your decision-making capabilities to choose the best lawyer to save your child.

Well, you aren’t alone in this and there are others who have faced this situation. That’s the reason why we have come up with these considerations to help you make the best decision at such times of dismay.

–    Go for your personally hired lawyer:

As said earlier, these are pressing situations which greatly hampers a person’s ability to think rationally and make well-informed decisions. That’s the reason why many people tend to go with anything they are thrown with, which in most cases mean going with a court-appointed criminal lawyer in Toronto.

While this may seem to be a quick fix for your need, try to resist this urge. Honestly, I have no remorse against my colleagues who are into this work, however, since court-appointed lawyers are greatly overburdened with cases, they aren’t best suited to dedicatedly work on your case.  When talking about criminal charges, you need a criminal lawyer Brampton, who can dedicatedly work over your case and not overburdened with tens of cases to oversee at once.

–    Put your best efforts for the bail hearing

Jail isn’t the best place to spend a night and you certainly don’t want that for your child, right? Thereby, just as you get signed up with a personal criminal lawyer in Brampton, start working with him to ensure getting the bail. Here again, the difference between hiring a personal lawyer and going with the court-appointed lawyer could be the difference of getting bail for your child or spending the next few months in jail.

–    Go with your Gut

The bail hearing experience will be a good chance for you to see if you have made the right choice for hiring a criminal lawyer or not.

Remember, court proceedings are complex and even more complex when its about criminal offenses. You need to strike the right bonding with the lawyer to be able to navigate the court procedures smoothly. Thereby, you need to follow your guts to see if you can rely on bond with your lawyer or if you need to make the change.

–    Go with the experienced lawyer

While there may be other considerations that can help you make the right criminal lawyer choice, perhaps going with an experienced lawyer is the ultimate factor you should weigh-in.

Not only you would like to know if the criminal lawyer is experienced handling cases in Brampton, Toronto but also if he has peculiar experience in defending criminal offense your child is being charged with. Because it certainly isn’t a good idea to work with a criminal lawyer with expertise in theft cases to help your child who’s charged with a drunk driving offense.

Criminal cases are complex and multi-faceted. You need the most experienced and emphatic legal services to guide you through the process. Your choice of the criminal lawyer may make all the difference between pulling you out of the stress or getting the sentence.